The Brazilian Keratin hair straightening treatment is a very popular hair straightening method, that is very effective in getting rid of frizzy hair and repairing damages coarse hair. Learn more about the Brazilian Keratin Treatment costs and application.

The Brazilian Keratin hair straightening treatment completely transforms coarse hair into a sleek and shiny curtain without changing its texture or causing any damage.

The treatment uses keratin protein - found also in the hair's natural structure - to repair and coat the hair leaving it smooth and straight. Since it doesn't use any damaging chemicals will actually benefit your hair. The treatment is not permanent, naturally fading out with time and can be used on all hair types.

The Brazilian Keratin hair straightening costs and application time varies according to the length and texture of the hair. The application can last between 1½ and 4 hours and the treatment is easily done.

It is applied just as a hair dye and after the hair is washed, blow-dried and sealed with a flat iron thus trapping the moisture and creating a shiny mirror-like finish.

The Brazilian Keratin Treatment - Hair Straightening

The treatment works even better for dehydrated and damaged hair, reducing the amount of time spent on styling and blow drying; restoring it's resistance to humidity and other damaging factors, keeping the hair frizz free.

The results last for about 2 to 4 months depending on the hair. There can be a significant improvement seen in the quality of the after treatment grown hair.

The Brazilian Keratin hair straightening treatment can be used even if beforehand you've straightened your hair through other hair straightening methods.

This hair straightening method is not recommended for pregnant women or women who are still breastfeeding to get the treatment.

In the first 4 days after treatment avoid to:
- get your hair wet.
- pull your hair back into a pony, clip it with hair clips or headbands, put it behind the ears - it is important to let it set just as it is.
- use any types of hair products.
- use a sodium-chloride free (sulfate-free )shampoo, since it can wash keratin off quicker than normal water reducing the lifespan of the Brazilian Keratin Treatment.