Women with curly or wavy tresses who find their hair unmanageable usually long to have smooth silky straight hair and this is due to the manageability and beauty of sleek straight tresses. It seems that different methods of obtaining sleek straight hair have been developed, but most of these treatments are harsh on the hair and can lead to damaged hair. However the benefits of the Brazilian Keratin hair straightening treatment have been proven and it seems that this new technique allows you to have the hair of your dreams without the negative effects. This means no more bad hair days and fabulous sleek straight tresses on a daily basis as the Brazilian Keratin hair treatment is a permanent treatment.

However, since keratin is a protein which is found naturally in our hair, skin and nails, it does not change the structure of the hair so your hair will eventually regain its natural look. The keratin protein relaxes the hair without damaging it and helps enhance its shine and healthy feel. One of the greatest things about the benefits of Brazilian Keratin hair straightening is that this treatment can be applied on any hair type, natural, colored or permed and your hair will only look fabulous.

Because the keratin protein penetrates the hair shaft it helps the hair look much shinier and healthier so your hair will look completely changed in an instant. Not only is this treatment beneficial for all hair types it is actually recommended for damaged hair as the natural keratin found in the hair can be damaged through hair styling and chemical hair treatments. Damage hair tends to loose its shine, elasticity and beauty so a keratin treatment can help restore the hairs vitality and shine.

However there are a variety of keratin treatments available so it is necessary to turn towards a product which has less than 0,2% formaldehyde content if you want your hair to benefit from the treatment. Too much formaldehyde can be damaging to your hair so make sure you get what you pay for.

The Brazilian Keratin hair straightening treatment needs to be performed in a professional hair salon to get the desired results as the treatment has several steps which need to be performed correctly. If the treatment is applied by a professional your frizzy, unruly hair will be tamed in a matter of hours, depending on the length of your hair.

There are 7 steps to this process, the first step being washing the hair using a clarifying shampoo which cleanses all residue from your hair so that the keratin protein can adhere to the hair shaft properly. In the last step the hair is flat ironed straight to lock the keratin inside the hairs cuticle and trap the moisture inside to give that healthy hair effect.

The effects of this hair treatment last for up to 4 months, depending on your hairs growth rate, so your hair will look fabulous. One the effects of the Brazilian Keratin hair treatment are not as visible you can redo the treatment. It is very important to take the aftercare steps seriously and not wash the hair or get it wet (including through sweating) for 3 days after the treatment has been done. You should not tie your hair back or apply any hair products on the hair until the first wash (after 3 days). You need to use hair shampoos and conditioners which are sodium chloride free as this will strip keratin from the hair.

Pay attention to your hair’s needs and you will definitely look fabulous!