Braided hairstyles are as popular as ever this summer, not only due to the fact that they are an ever-present alternative spotted on the runway, but also because they can be a practical choice for rising temperatures, being endlessly versatile. From sophisticated meticulously braided hairstyles to youthful and low maintenance rumpled braids, there are plenty of summer braided hairstyles worth trying. Here are a few ideas:

Simple braided summer hair: Loose side swept braids

When it comes to creating a seemingly effortlessly chic look, it’s hard to beat the nonchalant allure of loose side swept braided hairstyles. Keeping things simple is best when you’re short on time or want something that’s uncomplicated yet has a sophisticated flair. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking to tackle a more trendy allure or simply want a casual hairstyle with a lot of attitude, don’t be afraid to try textured braids. When done right, slightly messy braids can add a chic edgy vibe to any look.

Loose Braid HairLoose Braid And Side Swept HairSide Braid HairSide Swept Braid

Braided ponytails

During summer’s hottest days, loose hairstyles can prove a bit too much, however, braided ponytails can be a great choice any time you’re looking for a quick styling alternative that doesn’t entail any sacrifices when it comes to the wow factor. Whether you choose french braids, fishtail braids or a more intricate style, braided ponytails can be a smart choice which can save you from many bad hair days.

Center Fishtail Braid PonytailBraided PonytailRope Braid PonytailIntricate Braided Ponytail

Braided crown hairstyles

If your hair is long enough, you might also want to consider experimenting with a few cool braided crown hairstyles, a look that is adored by many celebrities at the moment and which can prove a great choice for a multitude of occasions due to their polished yet laid back vibe. Crown braid hairstyles can be a stunning choice whenever you’re craving a modern yet sophisticated look and are willing to invest a bit more time when it comes to styling. If you’re still trying to get a hang of styling braided crown hairstyles, stick with relatively simple braid styles until you perfect your technique.

Crown Braid Updo HairstyleCrown Braid HairstyleCrown Braid UpdoBraided Ponytail Hair

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