Modern hair styling stripped off all the barriers between traditional and futuristic tendencies. The newest trends in the hair dressing industry challenge us to a real adventure of the most stylish hairstyles created with various and revolutionary techniques. Indeed, buns belong to one of the most respected and sough-after hairdos when it comes to ceremonial events. Both the textbook style updos as well as the modern ones radiate finesse and a sensual allure. Created with special care these hairstyles fabulously crown both our appearance and the shine of the event.

Those who prepare to participate in a similar red carpet-like gala or a less formal, but important occasion are mostly welcomed to experiment with the chic side bun hairstyle trend, oh-so-popular on the runway as well as among celebrities.

Similarly to the classic buns these are created without requiring any professional skills and can be secured to preserve their long-lasting breath-taking effect all throughout the night. Follow these guidelines to master the look of the stylish side bun hairstyle.

Similarly to simple buns, side buns are created with the same procedure. First of all make sure that your tresses are perfectly detangled that is vital to ease the creation of the bun. Clean and smooth hair is essential both to guarantee the polished effect as well as to avoid the breakage or any deterioration of the hair. Brush your hair carefully, separate the hair into sections if necessary.

The next step is to part the hair in the desired direction. Some might prefer a center parting some a side one. In case of the side partings always brush the strands in the opposite direction where the bun will be placed and worn. This is of key importance to create the stylish and glam look. Those who would like to cover a section from their forehead should sweep the tresses in a way that it crosses this spot creating a faux bang for the whole hairstyle.

Now place the tresses to the side of the head where the bun will be and use bobby pins to fix the strands in the desired spot. Use several of these hair styling tools if your have a coarse and more dense hair. The key is to grab the hair into one single tie for a flawless effect. In case you long for the messy version of the style tease the tips to create the Boho look. On the other hand, if you wish to stick to the old-time and retro-inspired look, keep the strands neat and smooth.

Basically there are two manners on how to create the stylish side-buns. Follow the one that seems easier for you. The first trick is to tie the hair in a side ponytail, this will be the starting point to handle the strands more easily. Then wind the tresses around it until you’ve covered the elastic. Make it loose or tight according to your preferences. Finally, secure the bun with the help of bobby pins in a way that the hair camouflages them.

The second method is more simple and alternative. All you have to do is reach to the side combing of the hair then skip the ponytail and simply twist the strands around their base and fix the bun with these wise styling props. Leave it loose and messy for a relaxed and more Romantic look and tighter for a polished and ceremonial effect.

Those who are impressed by the dashing effect of hair accessories can complete the side-bun with a natural or artificial flower as well as a hair pin that perfectly perks up the simple updo. Use your creativity to further upgrade the look with these stylish tools. Backcombing is also a useful trick if you are longing for a Bouffant and big hairstyle that is ultra-popular all throughout the year.