Hair highlights have managed to maintain a high level of popularity since they were first developed and this is due to their fabulous look. Highlights can be created thick or thin to obtain different subtle or highly obvious results. Depending on the base hair color you can choose different color hair highlights to create a lovely color coordinated result which suits the complexion. Since brunette is one of the most popular hair color, we have selected some stylish hair highlights ideas for brunette hair.

Making the right choice when it comes to the color of your highlights is a must if you care about your physical appearance as your hair color can play an important role in the way others perceive you. Hair color can also underline your personality and style, so if you are looking to stand out, choose bold colored hair highlights, but if you are looking for a way to brighten-up your look, go for mild colors which have a subtle look. Hair highlights can be a great option for women with all hair types and hair lengths, so take a peek at the following stylish hair highlights for brunette hair and get inspired for your next fabulous new look:

Blonde hair highlights

Blonde hair highlights are some of the most popular hair highlights colors of all as they match all base hair colors including brunette. Depending on the desired result you can go for different blonde hair color shades from platinum blonde highlights to dirty blonde. The bigger the contrast between the brunette hair color and the blonde highlights, the more dramatic the result, so make sure you choose right.

Light brown hair highlights

Light brown hair highlights incorporated into brunette hair look amazing and create a more subtle look. These hair highlights are meant to offer the hair a game of brights and darks, creating a look which attracts positive attention. The darker your brunette hair, the more obvious the hair highlights, so if you wish to receive a subtle look, choose your hair highlights one or two shades lighter than your hair color.

Red hair highlights

There are a variety of red hair color shades to choose from just so you can obtain the desired result by adding red colored hair highlights to your brunette hair. The brighter the red, the more dramatic the result, so if you are looking for an eye catching hairstyle, turn to high contrasting colors. You can choose subtle hair highlights for a simple, more subtle look or go for chunky highlights if you wish to make your highlights stand out.

Purple hair highlights

Purple is one of the newest and trendiest colors in fashion and also in hairstyles and the combination between purple and different shades of brunette is amazing. Just like with any hair color, there are a variety of shades to choose from depending on personal preference and desired result. You can choose from light purple to deep purple as either way the result obtained will be amazing. Choose thin and soft purple highlights for a more subtle look and go for deep purple if you want the hair highlights to stand out and attract attention!

The best thing about brunette hair is that it can be combined with a variety of other colors and still look great, so you can also go for pink, blue, copper or any other hair highlights which you think would suit your style!