How many times have we tried to get that flawless hairstyle that only a professional could do? We twisted hands using a simple brush and a hairdryer and still we didn’t obtain the result we were looking for. You should remember that besides skills and imagination, you also need the best tools and products. Take a look to some styling tips for perfect hairstyles that might help you spare some time and money.


If you have straight hair, use a spray for volume. If you want to get a result in not time, apply the product to the roots and not on hair length in order to avoid an over-styled and overloaded look. On the other hand, if you have wavy hair, try not to use styling products too often. For rainy days, put some hair gloss into palms and run fingers through your hair. In order to settle down curly hair, before blow drying use a cream, gel or conditioner that doesn’t need rinsing.

Hair mousse is the first thing that one should applied when styling your hair. Don’t forget that mousse should be used only on clean dry or damp hair. If applied on damp hair, it has a maximum effect. Avoid mousse with a strong hold on thin hair as you only encourage its breakage when styling.

Hair wax is used for finishing the hairstyle in order to smooth hair and get a perfect hairstyle. Apply it on dry hair, in small quantities, and only on the ends or if you want to style your bangs.

Like the hair wax, hair spray is also used as a final step in order to set the hairstyle. Hair gel should be used only on short and medium curly hair. Avoid using it on long hair as it will only overload it. You can apply it on wet or dry hair.

Tools and accessories

If you want to get a perfect hairstyle, you need a good, professional hairdryer that can evenly distribute a gentle heat and reduce static electricity and frizz. This way, you’ll get a hairstyle ready for catwalk. For maximum volume effect you need a special hairdryer with strong airflow that calms frizzy hairs removing any static, and bringing them to balance.

If you want to protect your hair, use the hairdryer only on damp hair. On the other hand, use it on wet hair, if your hair is curly.

Curling iron. This is a key element that every woman should have in her styling kit. Use it after hair is dry otherwise you’ll only damage your hair. It can be used for every hair type due to its temperature controlling button. If you have sensitive hair, set the temperature to the minimum and keep the hair section on the curling iron only for 1 minute. If you have thicker hair, keep it for 5 minutes.

Hair straightener. It doesn’t cause any damage as long as we use it on dry hair and we don’t hold it for more than two seconds on a certain part.

Round brush. A round brush will help you get more volume starting from the roots making hair easier to handle. Choose a natural hair brush, preferably made from plastic or wood, as a metal one will take fire due to the blow dryer and you risk to burn your hair.

Flat brush. It’s the ideal choice for an easy brushing just after washing your hair. You can use it to settle rebellious hair and ends that don’t stay in place. It’s recommended not to insist as you’ll lose hair volume, but use it as your hair will be more shiny.

Hot rollers. Use medium sized hot rollers in order to get waves and curls with a natural look. Apply them on dry hair taking larger sections and apply some hair spray. Wait until hair has cooled and the result will be perfect curls.

Make sure to keep all your styling tools and accessories clean as the products you use might remain on them, and then end back into your hair.