There are an army of factors that can sabotage the flawless condition of our hairstyle. If you neglect the essential phases of preparing a glamorous style, there are great chances for you to experience a beauty meltdown.

The following simple insider hair styling tricks can teach you how to handle sculpting tools and products like a real expert. Use your beauty skills to keep your locks radiant and healthy in spite of the damaging weather conditions.

Blow Drying Trick

Antonio Gonzales is one of the highly acclaimed stylists to keep an eye on. He reveals an ultra-useful trick to increase the efficiency of our hair styling session. According to this expert, it is essential to apply products uniformly and cover all the delicate spots as the hairline. If you skip this section, the hair can become frizzy and unmanageable. Start the drying process from this area especially if you were blessed with angelic curls.

Bungee Elastics Trick

Kevin Ryan will grant you with the ultimate hair styling secret used by the most influential stylists these days. Create a fabulous ponytail by combing each section with care. Using regular elastics might lead to the flattening of the locks.

Those who wish to have the same volume as during the combing process should swap regular elastics for bungee ones.

These tiny cords can be wrapped around the base of the ponytail offering strong support to your hairdo. Hook the ends together and enjoy the glamorous definition of your tresses.

Messy Texture Trick

Rudi Lewis knows how to create a low key, still super-hot runway hairdo. His trick is to use a blusher brush to comb out a few flying locks nailing down a romantic and sensual look.

In order to master the art of modern hair styling, it is wise to steal the hair sculpting tricks revealed by similar sought-after stylists. Grab your makeup brush to sport your A-lister messy bun or ponytail.

Hair Smoothing Trick

Hair stylists can become pretty inventive when it comes to pulling off high street looks. You’ll have the chance to spot them using an unconventional hair styling tool too. Toothbrushes are some of the most sought-after props to smooth away frizz and flyaways. If you’re ready to get creative with your hair sculpting rituals, make sure you include toothbrushes among the emergency tools to give a quick fix to your updo or half updo.

Elastic-Free Braids

Jeanie Syfu is the real wizard of modern hair styling. She managed to figure out the secret of elastic-free braids. The well-known stylist used a flat iron to seal the braids and skip the use of elastics. Additionally, you can use a curl activator spray that adds an extra support to your pleats.

Insider Hair Styling Tips

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