Getting sexy hair might not be one of the easiest tasks, but it can definitely be rewarding as a good hairstyle can definitely be a great confidence booster. From care to styling, each step is important as it can influence the end result greatly. Learning a few secrets from pros is always useful as it can make our styling routine a lot easier. Simplify your routine and get great results with a few professional hair care and hair styling tricks.

Updos are some of the most glamorous hairstyles for long hair, yet it can be quite difficult to keep them looking great for the entire day without frequent retouches. Naturally, the products we use have a great influence on the overall result, yet a hairspray with great staying power is not the only product that ensures success. Stylist Amy Farid advises us to apply texturizing spray on the hair first to be able to give the hair a better grip for bobby pins.

After a night spent partying your tresses are most likely dull and lifeless. While washing and properly conditioning the hair is generally the best option to restore the beauty of your tresses, if you are short on time, you can try dissolving an aspirin in a bottle of water and spraying your hair with this solution.

The salicylic acid will remove the excess sebum and might even restore shine. Another similar solution for oily hair involves soaking a cotton makeup removal disc in witch hazel water and using it on the hair roots to remove sebum.

Do your curls look tighter than you originally planned? If so, you can use fragrance to get a more natural look by spraying it on a handkerchief and gently placing it over the curls. Apparently, the alcohol from the fragrance loosens up the curls, creating an interesting and more natural look.

Bedhead hairstyles might look simple to create, yet they generally require more work than less messy hairstyles. If you love the look, yet dread the thought of using several products to get it, you can try rubbing conditioner through dried hair for a similar effect. Pinch and rub hair strands for the best effect and enjoy an almost effortless new look.

Wishing to preserve a glossy dark hair color as much as possible? Then, in addition to using color protecting hair products, you should also make sure to rinse your strands with cold water right after you dye them. Because the cold water closes the hair cuticles, your shade will be more intense.

If you are looking for a 60 seconds volume enhancer, changing your part is probably your best bet. Wearing the same part style over and over encourages the hair to stay flat, so a quick change will instantly create extra volume without the help of any styling product. Conditioning before shampooing can also be helpful if getting more hair volume without effort is your goal.

Sexy Hair Tips

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