The hairstyles we choose are often an accurate reflection of our personality so dedicating time to care and style our tresses properly is must. While most of us try to create an effective care and styling routine on a daily basis, there’s always plenty of room for optimization and improvement. Try some of the following tips to have better looking tresses on a daily basis:

The act of blow drying seems so simple and trivial and it might be hard to believe that it still holds any secrets. However, this is one of the areas that were the easiest improvements can be made. For example, a good idea to prevent hair breakage is to avoid brushing your hair too soon. Waiting until your hair is about 80% dry to use the brush is a much better strategy than using a brush to untangle your hair when it is still wet. Try to untangle your hair using your fingers as you will have more control over the whole process and you will minimize the chance of breakage.

Get regular touch ups. If you decided to color your hair you should be diligent about covering  Most hairstylist only recommend the use of perms to women who really need a volume boost and ans to those who are willing to spend a lot of time blow drying their tresses. You can get playful, natural looking curls if you use a sea salt based spray.

Minimize flat iron hair damage! When you use heat styling tools to get sleek straight tresses you always risk hair damage on the long term. However, this doesn’t mean that cannot take any measures to prevent that kind of damage. Aside from choosing a high quality flat iron that allows you to adjust the temperature depending on your needs you should also make sure that you remove any residues off the plates of the flat iron. Styling product residues can sear to the hair cuticle making it more prone to brittleness. Cleaning the plates with alcohol once a week is a good idea.

Try long layers! Layered hairstyles look amazing and have the power to completely change our style and take it to the next level. However, choosing the right layering style is is a must if you want to get the best possible look. In general, opting for long layers is a safe choice as they don’t add extra length or width to the face, a thing that is not recommended for many face shapes. What’s more, if you with longer layers the hairstyle looks more balanced more natural.

Use styling products correctly. Hair product mistakes are more common than we would like to admit they are. Learning to use styling products correctly is one of the best things we can do to perk up our tresses and to look gorgeous on a daily basis. For example if you use shine serum to glam up your tresses and to tame frizz you should make sure that skip the hair roots. Also, to avoid hair drying avoid applying fragrance on your tresses. While this habit might boost your sex appeal it can be quite damaging. Instead, opt for a conditioner with a distinguishable scent to nourish your hair and to remain just as seductive.