The most influential hair stylists are ready to come out with the most revolutionary hair sculpting secrets they use during fashion weeks and before red carpet awards.

Hair fans will be thrilled to find out more about the following professional salon hair tips. If you wish to flaunt your experimental side, make sure you grab all the necessary tools and hair styling formulas to experience the ultimate makeover.

Shampoo Tip

It is a common misconception that shampoo must lather to cleanse your tresses from dirt. However, it seems that hair experts will highly recommend the use of formulas that contain less moisturizing elements which actually create the foam. Pick a sulfate-free shampoo that won’t load your tresses with extra build-up and will deep cleanse your locks thoroughly.

Volumizing Hair

Hair gurus often use all kinds of high street products to guarantee the voluminous texture of the locks.

In order to preserve the volume given by the perfect blow dry, apply volumizing mousse to your wet locks first and work it into hair, concentrating on the roots. Using hairspray might only ruin the bulky effect and can create the impression of flat and lifeless locks.

Poker Straight Hair Tip

Those who wish to protect their locks from the heat damage caused by flat irons should rely on the smoothing effect of the blow-dryer and large round brush combo.

Use these hair styling tools to maintain the soft texture of your strands. Additionally, guarantee the long-lasting hold of your straight ‘do with a spritz of finishing spray you can purchase at the local beauty store.

Sexy Summer Hair Tip

Ted Gibson is a highly acclaimed stylist and now he offers us the ultimate trick to create sexy summer hairstyles. His secret for fabulous wavy locks is to twist half damp hair into a high bun. The next step is to blast the bun with a hair-friendly blow dryer. As soon as the bun is dry, let it cool, then release it and use your fingers to go through every strand. Finish up styling with a tiny amount of hairspray.

Messy Bun Trick

The trend of messy updos is still going strong. Those who wish to embrace the hottest looks will have the chance to create romantic and low key hairdos. The secret to nail down a fabulous tousled bun or chignon is to tease hair with care and pin strands up. Pile up the tresses and pull out a few pieces to frame the face and to boost the relaxed vibe of your messy updo.

Salon Hair Tips

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