Rockabilly is the reflection of rough sensuality, tough sexiness which is inspired by ’40s pinup model, Bettie Page. In an era of repression, she brought a “bad-girl” sensuality that is reflected in the rockabilly lifestyle and music. Her trademark hairstyle – long dark hair with shorter temple-to-temple bangs – is very popular among retro lovers.

Hair is styled with volume on the top of the head and styled close at the sides, cascading in waves or curls along the crown and down the neck. Bangs are kept straight and smooth.

Styling the Pin-up Hairstyle

Bettie Page Inspired Pinup HairstylesBettie Page Inspired Pinup Hairstyles

First, apply a good-quality setting lotion on your freshly washed hair to make your curls last longer. Then pin curl the ends of your hair. To make the pin curl, segment the wet and product-laden hair with your comb and comb it into a ribbon. Using your fingers, shape the ribbon into a circular curl and overlap the hair as needed depending on the length of the hair.

After your hair has dried, brush the curl out carefully for a more natural look. Make sure your front has a natural look too, by combing tresses smooth when dry, this way it won’t look stiff and plastered. Take front locks and divide them in two separate pieces which you roll into two victory rolls and secure with bobby pins. Finish the look with hairspray; mist more at the base of each swirl end if needed.

Bettie Page Inspired Pinup HairstylesBettie Page Inspired Pinup Hairstyles

Styling pinup girl updos is almost the same. Keep the sides close to the head, and the crown area gathered in a big swirl. You can even braid or twist some locks for a extra interest.