Rebonding is a very harsh treatment for your hair, so you’ll have to put in some extra effort when it comes to hair care after you’ve undergone the procedure at the salon. Discover the best rebonded hair care tips, that will help you give it all the attention it needs to stay healthy.

From the hair care rules you should follow right after getting your hair rebonded to long term care, here’s what you need to know about maintaining beautiful and healthy hair following rebonding.

Be Extra Careful After the Procedure

After you get your hair straightened through rebonding, the next three days are very important for the final outcome of the procedure. Follow the hair professional’s advice to the letter. Usually, you can’t wash for hair for at 3 days after rebonding and you can’t use any accessory that might shape it. You also have to be extra careful how you sleep, in order to keep your hair straight.

Rebonding Hair Procedure

Use Only Shampoo for Straight Hair

Once the three days are up, start following the long term rebonded hair care tips. When it comes two shampooing, there are two simple rules: only use shampoo for straight hair and don’t use hot water. You can go for lukewarm water, but to be on the safe side, cold water is recommended. If you wash your hair with water at a high temperature, you’ll end up with dry hair and the rebonding won’t work as well as you want to.

Condition Carefully

Using a conditioner every time you shampoo isn’t optional anymore after rebonding. You have to make sure your hair is moisturized and detangled correctly every day. Even if you don’t shampoo every day, conditioner should be part of your daily routine.

Be Gentle When You Untangle

Keeping your hair tangle free is important, but you need to treat your hair very gently when you do it. One of the best rebonded hair care tips is using a wooden comb. While a plastic one can make your hair frizzy because of static, a wooden one won’t. Untangle your hair while it’s covered in conditioner and don’t pull at it like you might have done before the straightening procedure.

Combing Rebonded Hair

Towel Dry and Avoid Heat Styling Tools

Heat is one of the biggest enemies of rebonded hair, so towel drying is recommended. If you need to dry your hair very fast, you can use a blow drier, but only if it has a cool air setting. Otherwise, forget about all the heat styling tools you used to need to straighten your hair and enjoy the long term effects of the rebonding treatment.

Steam Your Hair Regularly

One of the best rebonded hair care tips is regular steaming. All you need is a wet towel. Even though steaming sounds like it includes high temperatures, you should stick to warm water and one the towel is wet, wrap it around your head and leave it on for 15 minutes or more, depending on the advice of your hair stylist.

Don’t Color Your Hair

Once your hair has gone through rebonding, you need to protect it from any harsh chemicals and that includes dyes. It’s not recommended to use any type of permanent or semi-permanent hair dye, and you can’t get highlights or lowlights either, at least for 6 months after the rebonding.

Oil Your Hair Correctly

In order to keep your hair looking good, use one of the most important rebonded hair care tips and treat it to a natural oil treatment weekly. You can use coconut oil, almond oil or even castor oil. Combine the oil treatment with the steaming and once you spread it out evenly on your hair, keep it wrapped in a warm towel for 15-20 minutes.

Protect Your Hair

After it’s straightened chemically with rebonding, your hair will be extra sensitive to any environmental factors, including UV radiation, chlorinated and salty water and even rain. Keep your hair away from the sun and use a good swimming cap. If you get caught in the rain and your hair gets wet, wash and condition it as soon as possible.

Take Vitamin Supplements

Following all the rebonded hair care tips will keep your hair looking good, but you should also consider a few dietary changes or vitamin and mineral supplements. Choose your own multivitamin for strengthening hair, and make sure you get enough omega-3 fatty acids from either fish or nuts and avocados.

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