Whether you opt for synthetic or real hair extensions, everything procedure from wearing and gluing to sewing and even clipping has its downsides. Even if you’re willing to pay up for the highest quality product and application, there’s still no guarantee that hair extensions won’t end up damaging your own tresses.

Find out more about the biggest reasons to avoid hair extensions, and decide for yourself if they’re worth the risks. While small clip on extensions aren’t as dangerous, every type of hair extensions can end up being more than you bargained for.

Hair Damage

The weight of the extensions is always a problem, and breakage is almost guaranteed. Your hair might end up in worse shape after using extensions than before, forcing you to opt for the procedure again, and continue the cycle of damage. Unless you’re using the lightest clip hair extensions, you really need to improve your hair care routine to help it fight the damage.

Maintenance Hassle

One of the most obvious reasons to avoid hair extensions is the fact that they require plenty of maintenance. Expect a monthly visit to the salon to keep them in good shape, and if you skip that, you risk further damage. They also have to be replaced every few months, and that’s another expensive trip to a specialist.

Stuck with the Same Look

If you like to change your hairstyle regularly, hair extensions are definitely not for you. You won’t have the freedom to experiment and change things up based on your mood. You might have beautiful long hair, but you’re stuck with it, and the limitations might not be worth the hassle and the cost.

Looking Fake

Even if you splurge on expensive extensions and get them done by a pro, one of the reasons to avoid hair extensions is the fact that they usually end up looking fake. Even strangers might notice the ends of your hair over the extensions, and if you opt for straight extensions, they might also look phony.

Losing Your Extensions

The most secure ways to wear extensions are also the most damaging to both your hair and your scalp. If you’re afraid of having them drop out, particularly if you only got them for a special occasion, you should rethink your salon appointment. There won’t be any hair extension experts around to help you fix the problem.

High Cost

One of the reasons to avoid hair extensions is the fact that you may end up paying more than you initially had in mind. Leaving aside maintenance costs, you’ll still have to replace them regularly. And if you opted for an expensive option, you’ll have a hard time downgrading just because you splurged on clothes and maxed out your credit cards.

Risk of Headaches

Migraines might end up a daily occurrence if you have a lot tolerance for scalp tension. Hair extensions pull at the root and they can cause headaches that you’re not really used to. If you’ve already opted for extensions and started experiencing pain in your scalp area or full on migraines, it’s a good idea to get rid of them quickly.

Permanent Hair Loss

Traction alopecia is one of the most terrifying reasons to avoid hair extensions. They don’t just damage your hair, they can also pull it out of the root, leaving you with bald patches. Because of the weight and tension of hair extensions, permanent damage to your scalp is not a small risk. As soon as you start noticing hair loss, it’s time to move on from hair extensions for good.


Real hair extensions are the most expensive and realistic looking, but have you ever wondered where they come from? They might be the result of exploitation of women in poor countries, who are paid the smallest fraction out of the price you’re willing to pay for gorgeous hair.

Ending Up with the Wrong Look

Are you really sure long hair is right for you? One of the reasons to avoid hair extensions is the fact that you could simply realize after just a few days that they don’t really work for you. Before you splurge on high quality extension, try on a wig and decide if this is really a look that improves your style.