The preppy style has always been indicative of high class and exquisite tastes when it comes to fashion and personal appearance in general. Although the term ‘preppy’ might have received a series of negative connotations along the way, the preppy attitude originally used to describe confident and outgoing personalities that had a strong interest in creating a favorable social image by looking their best, without being shallow or arrogant. Nowadays, while perceptions might have changed a little, the sophistication of this style continues to attract many teenage girls.

When it comes to hairstyles, preppy girls are concerned about finding the styles that will emphasize their best features allowing them to look fabulous despite the apparent simplicity of the hair styles chosen. The key to pulling off a successful preppy look is making sure that your gorgeous tresses are perfectly healthy in order to ensure the effortless natural polished look that is iconic for this style.

Sleek straight hair styles are a common choice especially because of the ability to create an instant impression of a classy modern look. These types of hairstyles can be extremely flattering due to the fact that they tend to highlight the facial features and frame the face emphasizing the haircut at the same time. Don’t forget to use shine serum to emphasize your tresses even more.

Ponytails are another common choice due to the versatility and practicality of this hairstyle. Generally high ponytails are preferred as these have the ability to draw attention to certain flattering facial features such as a beautiful cheekbone structure. Because this time-saving hairstyle is such a common choice, it’s important to make sure that you find ways to make it stand out from the crowd. Find ways to add a cute, feminine touch to an otherwise simple hairstyle by selecting a variety of girly hair accessories that match your tastes.

Loose curls hairstyles are also extremely flattering being an excellent alternative when you are in the mood for a slightly more romantic hairstyle that will make you look totally hot while giving you an innocent girly allure. To get flawless looking curls, make sure that you use high quality hair styling products that will bring out the best in your tresses creating the fashionable and glamorous look you desire. If you are in a hurry, use the curling iron to create instant fabulous results. However, when time is not a problem and you want maximum definition for your curls, it’s best to use hot rollers as these will provide more flexibility.

For a more casual and playful look you can choose from a variety of cute bun hairstyles. For a touch of sophistication, opt for an adorable ballerina bun that will allow you to preserve a stylish and feminine allure. On the other hand, messy buns can be equally flattering being a low maintenance hairstyle that allows to you a lot of flexibility and that will demonstrate your wonderful sense of style. Experiment with a variety of different hairstyles to avoid boredom and to be able to determine which are the styles that flatter you the most to be able to look gorgeous every time.

A preppy girl always knows how to bring out the best of a simple hairstyle by making it stand out. Girly hair accessories are an indispensable staple that allow the creating of a multitude of different looks without making a lot of effort. Headbands, ribbons, barrettes or bows are all good choices as these can give you a classy, sophisticated and girly look in a matter of seconds.