Our hair goes through dramatic changes during pregnancy. Indeed some might observed that it becomes thicker, grow extremely quick and tends to become either super-dry or on the contrary too greasy.

That’s why not only our health requires special attention and care. Hair follicles are just as affected. Postpartum hair loss often appears at about 3-4 month after giving birth and can last more months.

Due to the hormones that rush all through the body of women during this period some women might notice losing a lot of hair. However there’s no reason to panic. After giving birth the hormone level will settle down and become balanced, and this condition will gradually cease.

As a problem that affects most of the fresh mommies, it is worth knowing that there are some useful preventive actions to avoid the huge amount of hair loss. Those who struggled with their pregnancy might be even more prone to this illness. The following tips will help you in minimizing the damages caused by this phenomenon. Scalp massage is the best way to reduce the hair loss. By stimulating the blood flow, the follicles will be efficiently treated and trained.

Hair will grow faster and you won’t notice the unfortunate hair loss. Make a habit of this, do it either with your fingers or a brush. Be gentle and care for your scalp as your do for your body. Try to avoid thick and greasy shampoos and conditioners. Use rather milder ones, that can have the same effect on your hair as other do. These products prove to be unhealthy during pregnancy, pores might get clogged which can lead to extreme hair loss.

Postpartum Hair Loss

Opt either for the refreshing and natural hair masks. These will protect your quickly growing baby hair.

Prenatal vitamins are overtly essential to protect your scalp and follicles. Women usually use these due to their beneficial effect on both skin, nails and hair.

Zinc, Omegas and Calcium are only some of these nutrients. Furthermore Flaxseed and Fish oil are also highly recommended during this period.

Stress is another harmful factor when it comes of Post-Partum hair loss. The best tricks is to eliminate or at least minimize the stress boosters in your life.

Try to meditate or practice useful and relaxing sports as prenatal Yoga. Breathing techniques can be just as soothing and efficient.

Try different cute hairstyles, even go a little shorter if the hair loss is pretty uncomfortable for you. The good hair day may save you from some stress and nerves.The best way is to come to terms with the situation and try to sport your hair more stylishly even if this problem exists.

Try to be patient this is a temporary condition and with time it will cease. Even if there’s no guaranteed method to completely prevent it, these tricks will help you in reducing postpartum hair loss.