Pin up girl hairstyles have always attracted a generous amount of attention due to the incredibly stylish look the hairstyles create. These vintage style hairstyles were adopted by women all over the world in the 1940s and ever since the sexiness of the pinup fashion style and hairstyles have inspired designers as well as hairstylists.

Hairstyle trends change from year to year but some hairstyles can never be forgotten due the high amount of style and seduction they exude, combo which leads to a timeless look. Several celebrities as well gave pin-up hairstyles a try and looked fabulous, celebrities such as Nicole Scherzinger, Dita von Teese, Kelly Brooke, Katy Perry, Isla Fischer, etc.

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The pin-up look was a certain “bad and sexy girl” look which was quite eccentric for the ’40s and ’50s. Pin-up girls quickly attracted all the media attention and several pin-ups including Bettie Page became sex symbols of those times. The pin-up look has since then been impossible to top as there is no vulgarity attached to the look, although a great amount of sexiness is exuded.

There is a variety of fabulous pin up girl hairstyle ideas available to inspire you, some of the most popular however being the hairstyles which feature rolled bangs or sleeks straight “Bettie Page” bangs. If you have bangs, style them thick and slightly curved and if you don’t have bangs and aren’t planning to get them, you can try to roll a part of your hair up and pin it to create a lovely front hair roll (Victory rolls). The rest of the hair can be either pulled back into a stylish side updo or the hair can be parted into two and twisted to create two fabulous twisted ridges which are parallel from the top of the head down. The hair is then pulled onto the side of the head and secured using a hair elastic.

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Another great look you can turn towards is to roll the hair as stated before if you don’t have baby bangs and allow the hair to fall naturally loose. Natural looking hairstyles are highly popular and require less hair styling time.

You can add a small hair jewelry to your tresses if you wish to add a touch of glamor to it especially if you’re attending a more formal occasion or you can leave your hair simple wavy or curled which you can nowadays obtain in minutes. There is a variety of hair styling tools available to help you create the hair texture you desire, so don’t hesitate to purchase them.

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Flower hair accessories are also perfect if you wish to add more femininity to your look, so don’t hesitate to experiment so you can discover the vintage hairstyle which suits you best. Pay attention to details and use a shine spray once you’ve finished styling your hair as shiny hair receives a beauty boost!