Once upon a time way back in the days, 20-some years ago, Paul Mitchell and his friend decided to establish a company that would revolutionize the hair care industry all over the world. Under the brand of Paul Mitchell – name giver – and John Paul DeJoria started a skyrocketing career.

John Paul Mitchell Systems suffered a huge loss with the death of one of the founders in 1989, Paul Mitchell died of pancreatic cancer. With the team behind this famous hairdresser managed to become worldwide known and spread all over the hair salons throughout numerous countries. After the tragedy occurred, John Paul DeJoria decided to immortalize the name of his partner by turning the company into a gold mine.

Gradually he and his team managed to become real moguls in the haircare profession.

Their fame climbed due to their quality guarantee and real pro attitude.

Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Products

Nowadays John Paul Mitchell Systems succeeded in producing more than 90 haircare products and their signature black and white packaging is known all over the world.

The most celebrated lines of the company are: The Tea Tree Collection, Modern Elixirs, Paul Mitchell LAB and last but not least the Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Color. The brand defeated all the problems that came up during their career, making this name a real hallmark of professional hair care. Besides their great respect for hair, they also encourage an eco friendly policy. Charity is one of their main principles.

The chief aim of this company is in fact to design products and tools created by hairdressers to hairdressers.

Steven Robertson and Janae Johnson are only some of the talented hairdressers who collaborate with the company, realizing fantasies with the help of the Color Care product line.

Paul Mitchell Hairstyles

The quality of these hair styling products is guaranteed by the fact that their availability is limited, you can purchase them only from original, signature John Paul Mitchell salons.

John Paul De Joira succeeded in becoming a real ambassador of hairstylists. The company he leads offers a wide range of products as:

– Hair care lines including: Color Care, Moisture, Smoothing, Extra-Body, Express and Cleanse as well as the famous Tea Tree Products the Kids line

– Professional Services that deal with hair coloring, lighteners and hair tints.

John Paul Mitchell Systems continues to expand its area of interest with new lines of products, both for us and for our beloved puppies. The stylists of John Paul Mitchell Systems amaze the public with beautiful hairstyles featuring stunning hair colors and real hair works of art. The public can’t wait to see the haircuts they’ll create in the future.