With New Year’s Eve just around the corner, preparations for the look should definitely become a priority as last minute decisions are bound to disappoint. Everyone wants to look fabulous on the day between the years and because hair plays a very important role when it comes to beauty and style, we’ve decided to feature a fabulous braided updo created by beauty and style blogger Love Maegan.

Updo hairstyles have proven their versatility and beauty boosting power, so no wonder they have become a super popular choice when it comes to formal and less formal occasions. The updos exude elegance and class being a perfect match for women who want to adopt an ultra seductive, romantic style that is hard to ignore.

If you’re looking for a party-perfect DIY hairdo, grab your hair styling kit and copy this zig-zag French style braid which gives the hair a very sophisticated allure. Blogger Love Maegan demonstrates the effortless elegance exuded by the braided updo, so test your skills and start experimenting.

Obviously, this is a hairstyle that requires length and a little bit of a skill, but if you’re not too great at creating a French style braid on your own, ask for the help of a skillful friend instead. This hairstyle works best if created on second-day hair, but if you want to wash your hair prior to styling, make sure you work in good texturizer to give hair more grip.

Begin by parting your hair deep on the side and separate a big chunk of hair from the part of the head that features the heavier parting. Use a hair clip to secure the hair or an elastic and then proceed to French braiding in a zig-zag or “S” shape pattern to achieve the desired result. Start from one side and French braid the hair to the opposite side going into a slightly downward direction. As you reach the other side, close to the ear switch braiding the opposite side and again in a downwards motion. Repeat until you reach again the opposite side, now finishing up the braid at the nape of the neck, well on the side. Secure the end of the braid using a hair elastic and coil the remaining hair up to conceal it.

After you’ve secured the hair with bobby pins, take the part of the hair that remained loose in the front and swish it to the side, way around the back and pin the ends of the hair using bobby pins. To finish the look and conceal the bobby pins you’ve already used take a large flower hair accessory and pin it over for very romantic and feminine look that is bound to make heads turn. Set the hair with hairspray and enjoy your stylish updo hairstyle the entire evening.

Photos and video courtesy of Love Maegan