Get a new hairstyle with temporary hair coloring! Hair coloring has been a practice done by women for centuries. Women have been changing their hair color to change or improve their look. With time natural hair coloring products have been replaced with chemical hair coloring products because they last longer and the color pallet available is much wider.

There are several hair dye types like:– temporary hair color– semi-permanent hair color– demi-permanent– permanent hair color

Temporary hair dye is great to use especially if one wishes to change the hair color only for a few days. The hair color pallet varies widely from black to purple, red, blonde, blue and they all look good.

Chalk Hair ColorFab Colored Hair

There are several types of temporary hair coloring products:– shampoos– rinses– foams– sprays– gels

The colors are usually more vivid than the other types of hair dyes making it a great option for someone who wishes to change their hair color for a party or Halloween without making this change permanent. It is also a great option for a temporary makeover, to check which color looks best on you before you choose a permanent hair color.

Blonde Pink Colored HairGradient Purple Hair Color

Unlike the other types of hair dyes the pigments from the temporary hair color don’t penetrate the hair, they just adhere to the hair. The pigments have larger molecules that can not penetrate the hairs cuticle making the color easy to remove by shampooing the hair. Temporary hair coloring does not contain peroxide or ammonia, thus making it safer for the hair.

Purple Green Hair ColorMulticolor Hair

This type of hair coloring gives only temporary effects, making it a great choice for people who are not looking to change their hair color permanently.

Green Yellow Hair ColorPastel Hair Color