Round faces are among the easiest face shapes to recognize due their fairly obvious characteristics. The round face shape is characterized by the fact that the length and the width of the face is similar if not almost identical and the angles tend to be very soft, a feature that differentiates it from the square face shape that tends to have a similar structure with the difference in that its angles are a little sharper.

Round faces can pull off a wide variety of hairstyles as long as a few basic rules are kept in mind. First of all the main thing that should be considered when trying to decide which hairstyle you would most like to try is to keep in mind that a suitable hair style is one that minimizes the width of the face, making it look more oval.

When it comes to the hair length that is the most appropriate for round faces, the opinions tend to be divided. Most women seem to agree that short hairstyles are the most difficult to pull off due to the fact that there are few ways to minimize the width of the face.

Medium hairstyles are seen as a much better choice as they offer more versatility both for styling and for balancing the facial features, but long hairstyles are the ones that offer the maximum face slimming effect.

One of the best choices when it comes to balancing the features of a round face is long sleek hairstyles. Long sleek straight hairstyles are an excellent option due to the fact that they offer a wonderful face framing effect without adding unnecessary hair volume at the cheekbone area.

If you fancy layered hairstyles, you should try to make sure that your layers don’t end exactly at the chin line because if they do, they will only draw the attention to the roundness of the face, instead of elongating it like they should.

If you are wondering what type of layers you should opt for, then you should know that soft wispy layers as well as shaggy layers are considered the ideal ones for this face shape.

When styling your tresses it’s important to remember that much of the same rules apply. If for instance you find that you are in the mood to flip the ends of the hair of your layered hairstyle, make sure that you avoid the frontal area if the styling draws attention to the chin for the same reasons mentioned before. While adding volume at the cheekbone area should be avoided, when it comes to adding volume at the crown of the head, the rules tend to be a little different. By lifting the roots at the top of the head you actually give the illusion of extra length creating a more oval face shape.

If you want to upgrade your hairstyle with bangs, you should really consider opting for side swept bangs. If you opt for longer bangs, you can maximize the length of the face while also reducing the width of the face. Blunt bangs on the other hand are a big no-no.

An easy way to balance your facial features without turning to complicated hair styling techniques is to change your part. Most hair stylists agree that a middle part can make the face appear longer and slimmer effortlessly, so make sure that you take advantage of this simple styling technique whenever you are in the mood for a casual loose hairstyle and you don’t have time to turn to other styling tricks to create an equilibrium between your features.

If you are naturally curly and you have a round face shape, your best bet is to leave your locks grow long to avoid overwhelming your features and to avoid having to change your natural hair texture. Tapered ends are a good idea when it comes to styling as they will help you create a more balanced overall look. Try to style your curl in a way that allows you to create volume at the top of the head and below your chin line.