Those who have naturally curly locks often see it as a desirable attribute. While curly hairstyles can look adorable, they also tend to pose numerous problems when it comes to styling. The weight that curls tend to add at the top of the head as well as the hair frizz that tends to occur in the worst moments are only two of the main reasons why those with naturally curly locks often wish they had another hair texture and are often reluctant to grow their hair long. While curly hair might require more maintenance than other types of hair, with the right knowledge and a well designed hair care routine you will have no problem showing off your wonderful long curls.

One of the most important factors that determines the success of a long curly hairstyle is the style of the cut. The wrong cut can have a disastrous visual effect, so the prime focus should always be about finding the most appropriate haircut for your tresses taking into account both your face shape and your hair texture. Those who are real admirers of layered hairstyles should exercise caution when choosing the layering technique to avoid adding unnecessary hair volume. Generally soft layers are among the most recommended as they will satisfy the desire for change without altering the structure of the hair in a dramatic manner, being the best of both worlds.

If a face framing effect is desired, adding bangs can be one of the best solutions available. Again, the selection greatly depends on your face shape as well as on your facial features. Different bangs styles can draw attention to and from different facial features, so it is mandatory to be determined about the facial features you want to play up or down depending on your personal perceptions when it comes to what are the things that you are proud of as well as to the features that make you feel self conscious.

Another thing that you should consider is whether you want to keep the natural hair texture for your bangs or not. Keeping your natural texture might be advisable for side swept bangs whereas for other bangs styles you might want to create a contrast by straightening the bangs for a more balanced and modern sensation.

The styling techniques used to maintain long curly tresses can definitely increase or reduce dissatisfaction. While this fact might seem obvious, many women are not aware of how certain apparent trivial gestures can make or break their day. One such simple example is the blow drying technique. Drying the hair in a wrong way can actually contribute to the frizzy hair you hate so much. The best advice would be to let your hair air dry as much as possible but if you are short on time, that might not be an option. When drying your hair with a blow dryer make sure that you use a diffuser or a nozzle in the direction in which the hair grows.

You may already know that a comb is a much better choice for styling curly hair than a hair brush. However, you might be making a classic hair product mistake that many women tend to do. Applying silicone based serums although it’s thought to improve the texture of the hair, it’s not recommended because these products tend to build up on the hair. Instead, to control your mane effectively it’s best to apply products on wet hair for better control and less frustration when it comes to styling. Opting for gel formula is recommended as it can make the work of styling your hair easier.

Also, to avoid future problems for your delicate tresses it’s best to choose hairstyles that require a low level of styling and avoid heat based styling tools as much as possible. A good option might be half up/down hairstyles as these will allow you to emphasize the length of the hair without having to focus on styling your hair for too long to make sure your tresses are in perfect condition.