Bob hairstyles are highly popular nowadays when there are so many variations that can be made to suit all the needs and preferences that women have. Suitable for any age, these hairstyles are very versatile offering a multitude of hairstyling options. At the same time they are low maintenance, being perfect both for women who are interested in following the latest hairstyle trends as well as for those who want classy yet practical hairstyles that would match their lifestyle and won’t require squeezing additional time from their busy schedules.

Bob hairstyles have the added benefit of being suitable for all face shapes as well as for most hair textures, the only notable exception being naturally curly hairstyles which are subjected to a series of rules to be an appropriate choice.

Most women who are thinking about trying a long bob hairstyle opt for a soft romantic look that will compliment their facial features. This hairstyle can provide either a modern or a classic conservative look, depending on the hair styling options that are used as well as on the personality of each woman. For a modern contemporary look, adding layers is a good alternative to create movement and make the hairstyle a little more interesting.

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For best results you should get your hair trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks. It is advisable to use this opportunity to make the changes to keep your bob hairstyle looking fresh. If you decide to try a more daring asymmetrical cut, choose a more interesting hair color or just add bangs for an extra face framing effect. Either way, these frequent salon visits can help you discover how to make the most of your current hairstyle and gain more courage to make bolder choices when it comes to hair styling.

Aside from the changes you might choose to make at the hair salon you should also try to maintain your newly acquired bob hairstyle using a few styling techniques that will help you look polished on a daily basis. One of the most frequent styling techniques used to accentuate the beauty of a long bob hairstyles is adding volume or changing its texture.

While creating volume might be something as simple as using a blow drying technique that enables you to lift the roots and create a more polished look in a matter of minutes, if you wish to get a slightly messier texture you will have to use a different approach.

To create a scrunched wavy bob hairstyle you will have to use the blow dryer diffuser to create volume at the crown of the head but making sure that the ends of the hair are a little damp. Use your fingers to create an uneven texture and apply a good amount of styling mousse to maintain the scrunchy texture and use a comb for the finishing touches after the hair is fully dried, adding a shine serum for an extra touch of glam. You also have the option of straightening the ends of the hair for a cute feminine look.

While pulling off a curly long bob hairstyle might prove to be challenging, you don’t have to entirely give up the idea of curling your luscious locks. A few loose curls placed strategically can instantly create hair volume and are a wonderful option for a refined, festive look. A large barrel curling iron can be ideal when trying to perk up your look. By using a good quality hair spray and a shine serum you can instantly create an elegant worth admiring hairstyle that will surely help you glow even at the most pretentious events.