t’s a well known fact that each season impacts our tresses in a variety of different ways. While the summer heat can make our tresses dry and brittle, the fall and winter seasons often bring excessive atmospheric humidity that can sometimes havoc all the efforts that we put in our styling routines making us look less than perfect. In order to be able to tackle this problem effectively we must first take a look at how humidity affects our tresses to understand how this process works. The humidity in the atmosphere has different reactions depending on your hair type. If your hair is normally curly it tends to become frizzy, straight hair types tend to be worn down by excessive moisture.

When the level of atmospheric humidity increases, the hair cuticles tend to swell and the moisture reacts with the hydrogen molecules in your hair shaft and causes the hair to lose its style as a result. Depending on your hair type there are different solutions you can apply. If the hair tends to become flat when exposed to humidity than you might benefit from selecting a shampoo and a hair conditioner especially designed for fine hair as these products tend to leave less residues on your tresses. Many times, product residues is one of the main causes of flat, dull hair. A volumizing spray or a flexible hold hairspray can also help deal with this type of problem more effectively.

If moisture tends to make your tresses frizzy there are also plenty of solutions you can try. A product that contains antihumectant as an active ingredient can turn out to be a real life saver in this situation. An anti frizz serum is a must have during these times as well. You should also do your best to avoid overdrying your hair as this will make your tresses more prone to frizz. If you do not have time to let your tresses air dry the next best thing is to use heat activated styling products that will ensure your tresses look gorgeous after you finish blow drying your hair. However it is important to avoid using too many styling products as this can create additional problems. To tame hair frizz during the day a good solution is to sparingly apply a little hand lotion on your tresses to get rid of flyways.

In dealing with humid weather some hairstyles tend to work better than others. Long layered hairstyles tend to be recommended when frizz becomes a problem. Long tresses will be less susceptible to becoming puffy and layering your hair might make managing and styling your hair a little easier. Even though it might be tempting to change you hair texture it is generally a better idea to embrace it. Using a rich hair conditioner, a silicone based serum and curl enhancing product will help you perk up your curly tresses tremendously. Layered hairstyles are a good choice for those who struggle with flat hair as well.

Braided hairstyles are another excellent choice for those who have long tresses and suffer from time shortage when it comes to styling. An excellent way to camouflage a bad hair day and a great way to highlight your facial features by opening up the face, braids and twists can prevent a lot of frustration. What’s more you will also be extremely stylish as braids are one of the top hairstyles trends of this fall. If you get bored you can instantly transform your braids into a chic bun by using a hair elastic.

Textured ponytail hairstyles are another stylish alternative you can experiment with if the length of the hair allows you. Another easy choice is a loose bun hairstyle that can immediately give the impression of a relaxed but polished look. If bangs are a source of frustration for you, switching to a side swept bangs is likely to be a solution that will create less dissatisfaction. If you prefer shorter hair lengths, shag hairstyles and asymmetrical pixie haircuts are good choices you should take into account if you are planning an appointment with your hairdresser.