There’s no need to rush to your hair stylist when the roots starts to flash a darker shade. The hair care industry offers you several DIY kits to refresh and keep in shape your hairdo. The only condition to succeed it to carefully follow the instructions. Besides the basic guidelines it is also worth having in mind some other information that will ease and at the same time guarantee your success.

The periodical touch-ups are essential not only because of the basic hair color maintenance but also to prevent torturing your strands with another hair coloring. This will protect your hair from split ends, over-drying and other damages. Opt for this treatment and kill two birds with one stone, save money and look stylish at the same time. Follow the principles on how to touch up roots at home.

Step 1. The preventive steps will help you in testing the hair dye and preparing the canvas for the touch-up. First of all, place a little amount of the hair dye on a tiny spot on your skin. If your skin will show allergic reactions, immediately ditch it out.

Don’t take any risks if it’s not necessary. On the other hand if, after a few seconds your skin has no visible reaction to it, you can go on with the hair coloring.

hair coloring

Step 2. Before you start the actual process, put on clothes that are used and can be stained during the hair dying. Accidents may happen, be prepared for anything!

Place a towel around your neck and wear rubber gloves. This will protect your skin from any harmful contact with the chemicals.

Step 3. Start separating your strands, make sure that you brushed and detangled your hair beforehand. It is essential to make the area neat and smooth in order to cover the roots thoroughly.

Dive your tresses into 4 sections and fix them with a clip. This way you’ll prevent the sections from disturbing the hair coloring process.

Step 4. Look carefully at the box and mix the hair dye according to the instructions. Don’t think that if you exaggerate with the amount the shade will be darker or lighter. The best way to avoid a hairstyle disaster is to follow the guidelines formulated by professionals.

Step 5. Choose one section, then release the strands. Use the applicator to apply the solution to the roots. Gently brush it into the tresses, avoid massaging. Start from the roots till the point where the natural hair color ends. It is essential to work gradually, don’t panic if you accidentally touch the already colored sections. It’s normal and the effect will be more natural. The final result should be a block colored hair rather than stripes that differ in shade.

Dying Hair

Step 6. When you finished dying one section, re-clip it again then go on with the next one. Proceed similarly to the earlier ritual, be thorough and touch-up the roots from every direction. When you finished wait while the color has its effect.

Then finally use a brush to brush the dye through your hair, this way blending the freshly dyed section with the other strands. This is the trick for a natural and freshened effect. Leave it on again for a couple of minutes.

Step 7. Finally wash it of with tepid water, this secures the proper elimination of chemicals from the roots and hair in general. Keep on until you see that the water is already clear from any residues. Style your hair according to your preferences.