Big hair conquered the catwalk and the red carpet! Why not launch the reviving trend on the streets? With a few steps you'll learn how to tease your hair without causing any damage to your strands. More, improve your hair styling mastery with new ideas of how to add volume to your tresses.

If you're tired of your flat hairdo, here's a new trick on how to texturize your fine strands. Teasing/backcombing is one of the main tendencies of the season. Hair stylists live out their fantasies and create high-tower bouffant hairstyles with the help of a simple comb.

It's time to follow their example and style your hair into eye-popping shapes sporting an ultra-pop look. Backcombing, as the technique is also known, might apparently damage the follicles. However, the pros furnish the public with enough guidelines to create a hairdo without causing any long-term deterioration to the strands.

In order to prevent any hair damage and styling disaster it is worth following these simple principles.
As the quintessential trend of the 1950s is gradually revived, more and more celebrities and average people go for the Beehive or other high-brow hairstyles. Hairspray becomes the must have accessory of their styling kit this way taking hair dressing to another level.

The following ideas will help you in how to tease hair with style.

The most important condition for a breakage-free teasing is to protect the hair by completely drying it. Indeed, wet hair can more easily deteriorate, that's why make sure you've completed this condition beforehand.

Detangling is also vital, this will on one hand ease your teasing job, on the other hand will also reduce the chance for any breakage. Brush the strands out carefully, separate the hair in strands if this will make the clarifying step easier.

Hair stylists advise you to straighten your hair before backcombing. Their advice should be taken not only because of aesthetic issues, but also for the sake of hair cuticles.

Undoubtedly, ultra-sleek hair when teased can look more spectacular then with curls, however it must be also mentioned that this preventive step will also lay down the cuticles which is the only method to keep hair from damaging.

Decide on the spot you want to tease and separate it with hair clips. Make sure it is tangle-free and tie the rest of the tresses to keep them away from mingling with the teased area. Then, if you wish to add volume to the roots, use a curling iron to do it. Finally, leave it to cool down before you start teasing the strands.

Now grab a rattail comb or a specialized teasing brush, then separate a section of about 1-2 inches thick and hold it in your hand. Depending on the impression you want to create choose either narrower or larger sections if you long for a tighter or a looser effect.
Hold the strand straight up, then start combing it in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

Begin from the tips towards the roots. This will create a bulky and texturized look. Repeat the ritual until you get the desired effect in height and look. Fix the backcombed section with hairspray in order to go on with the rest of the strands. Proceed the similar way with each tress until you've completed the whole spot. In order to sleek the teased hair use your fingers, skip the comb to maintain the styled effect of your strands.

Pin or just simply smooth the hair into the direction you desire to wear it. Emphasize the height with the hairstyle and tie the rest of the strands into a stylish ponytail or just pin it to the head leaving the curly or sleek strands free flowing on your shoulders.