Don't know how to style your bangs? Here are some easy tips to style wispy bangs, curved blunt bangs and side swept bangs. Learn the basics of hair styling, what hair styling tools you'll need to keep unruly bangs in place and preventing frizzy bangs.

Styling and shaping your strands require a bit of skill, but you can prevent bad hair days if you follow some guidelines that help you in styling and drying your hair at the same time. Now, bangs are also tricky issues, learn more about these tips on how to blow dry bangs with style.

Hair stylist recommend that bangs should be styled and blow dried while still wet.

Due to the fact that the strands along the hairline are softer, these are more prone to becoming flat or frizzy. Always blow-dry and shape your bangs first and then move on to the rest of the hair.The various bang types should be styled and shaped in different ways, using the proper hair styling tools. Here are the main guidelines on how to style your bangs!

Zooey Dechanel Wispy bangs

Wispy Bangs
First of all after you washed and conditioned your hair, make sure that it's still wet when you start the shaping process. Now put a tiny texture créme to your hands and rub it into your tresses. The trick to get this voguish look is to blow dry your bangs while keeping the appliance above the hair.

To avoid bangs to curl up or look fluffy you might consider using a vent brush or a simple comb rather than the round one. The point is to dress down the volume by constantly straightening the strands while blow-drying. Be careful when the hair is almost 80% dry, direct the strands into the desired direction. In this case make it sleek with the brush.

Fix the shape in place with a finishing spray. Pair it with a hairstyle lifted roots for a girlie and classy look.

Bangs look great both with ponytails and other updo hairstyles and can be jazzed up on the spot with hip hair accessories.

Jessica Alba Blunt bangs

Blunt Curved Bangs
To curve the bang you'll need a different styling method. That's why to bring out the best of your hairstyle switch the vent brush to a round one. The key is to add special volume to our strands. This tool will help us in raising the hair right at the roots and adding a stylish touch to a simple hairdo.

Keep the blow dryer 4 inches far from the hair, using the special brush create some curves. If you want to give a messy look rather then an ultra-defined one to your bangs, run your fingers through it for a couple of times.

This will still maintain the puffy look but will create a relaxed impression. Again, as the tresses seem to be pretty dry, emphasize the curves with the round brush. Keep styling until you achieve the dream look. The final touch is to secure it with some fixing solution.

Selena Gomez side-swept bangs

Side-Swept Bangs
Side-swept bangs require more attention than other styles. In this case your best friend in styling your tresses will be either the curling or the straightening iron. The first step is to apply a small amount of volumizing product to your strands. Choose the round brush to add volume and at the same time definition to your bangs.

Brush your hair with it as you start the blow drying process, roll it as you go through the tresses. Depending on the tip design you want to sport, flip or curve the hair as you get to the ends. Then add the final touch to your bangs with either a straightener or a curling iron, however you can also opt for the a more natural look and let your strands dry naturally shaping it with some styling potion.