Natural wavy hair is beautiful, however not every woman is endowed with wonderful curly locks. If you are bored of your straight hair, spice up your look with some gorgeous natural waves. Put aside curling irons and hair rollers, because this time you won’t need any of these hairstyling tools. If you take a look around, you can see that loose curls are the hottest hairstyle trends among Hollywood stars as well.

Wavy hairstyles simply never go out of fashion. These gentle locks are wearable for every occasion whether it is a day out with friends, a date in town or an elegant wedding. Delicate waves give some body to your hair and don’t require a lot of maintenance.

As summer is approaching, you probably don’t want to damage your locks with curling irons, hot rollers and other hair styling tools. Find out how to style easy wavy locks with some simple, well-know methods that require nothing else but a little time!

Get Exciting Waves with Braids

Wash your hair, brush it thoroughly to remove all tangles and towel dry until it is damp. Rub a walnut-sized amount of styling mousse into your tresses, distributing it evenly on your hair. If you want to create great waves that last, braid your damp hair in a tight braid and leave it like that overnight.

You can make one larger French braid in order to obtain loose waves, while smaller braids give you tighter waves. The larger the braid, the less wavy is your hair. However, if you want to achieve big defined waves, don’t make more than 6 or 8 braids.

Feel free to experiment with braids in order to find out which type suits you best. If you want to make two braids and add more texture to your tresses, part your hair in the middle of your head, dividing it into 2 segments and French braid each section separately. Secure your braids with elastic bands and take them out the next morning. In order to curl the ends of the braids, twist the ends of your hair around a medium foam bendy roller or a fat pen.

Finally, untie your braids and if you consider that your hair is too wavy, wet your hands and dampen it a little bit. Let it air dry then you can fix your locks with a touch of hairspray. Now you are ready to make a statement with your glamorous new hairstyle.

Create Fabulous Bun Waves

Another great way to add natural waves to your straight hair is by piling up your strands in a bun. After you have washed your hair, towel dry it, comb well and apply a curl enhancing mousse on your damp tresses. As a next step, create a bun by twisting your hair around itself and fixing it at the top of your head with an elastic band. Let it dry completely for a few hours or overnight, then let your bun loose. Comb your fingers through your hair in order to separate strands and make them look looser. This way you have created stunning natural wavy locks without using any styling tools that dry out your hair. If you want your waves to hold, as a finishing touch apply a little bit of hairspray.

Get Fabulous Waves Into Short Hair

You can easily achieve a 1940s inspired glam wavy look even when your hair is short. Comb a dime amount of styling mousse or styling gel through your hair and create delicate waves with the comb, fixing them carefully with simple hair clips. Take out the clips and you are ready. You may need a little time to experiment in order to obtain the desired hairstyle, but the result is well worth it. Get inspired by a gorgeous diva look from the 40s and enjoy the versatility of your short hairstyle.