With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s time to go glam with attention-grabbing, gorgeous wavy hairstyles! Glossy, bouncy waves are a head-turning option if you want to add a burst of elegance and sophistication to your party look. Whether you choose the sharper shape or the effortless yet groomed one, with middle or side parting, glamorous waves are beautiful and luxurious.

The best thing about waves is that you can look absolutely amazing with the minimum amount of effort and using just a few styling tools. All you need are some heated rollers or a large curling iron, a paddle brush, and hairspray in order to keep your locks in place and give them a sexy, flexible movement. And you’re ready to party! Therefore, don’t be afraid to try this dressy, classy and easy-wear trend. Always keep in mind that the most important thing to rock this look is to keep your hair healthy and shiny.

How to Style Glamorous Waves How to Style Glamorous Waves

Start by making a side parting. If you want to get a very nice line, use the end of a tail comb. Next, if what you want are gorgeous waved lengths, take the heated rollers and start styling. Remember that rollers are a fantastic way to create beautiful, old-school Hollywood waves or simply add volume to your hair.

Keep in mind that for a super-shiny result your hair should be clean and dry. You can choose smaller rollers for tight curls or larger ones for soft waves. Take one section of hair at a time, place the ends of the hair on the roller, wind up toward the scalp and secure it using clips.

Remove the rollers gently and let your hair cool for one minute. Then, brush out your curls with a paddle brush and style them in glamorous, dramatic waves. Mist some hair spray in order to keep your bouncy waves in place. If using large rollers, you can skip the brush and after allowing the hair to cool completely, separate and style the waves with your fingers.

For the looser yet seriously glam version you just have to part your hair in the middle and simply curl the mid-lengths and ends using a large-barreled curling iron. You can brush the waves out a little. For the ultimate glossy finish apply some shimmering serum through the ends using your fingers.

How to Style Glamorous Waves How to Style Glamorous Waves

How to Style Glamorous Waves How to Style Glamorous Waves

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