How to Modernize Your HairstyleThink big, voluptuous flicks and romantic curls to achieve this winter’s sexy hairstyles. Here’s an easy, five-step guide shows you how…

OneFlicks are big this season. Separate your hair into sections and using your flat irons, pull through slowly turning your irons up towards the ends to create a flick. The more you turn, the more dramatic the flick. Secure with firm finishing spray.

TwoYou could also use your curling iron to twist the ends of your hair. Remember, the smaller the barrel the tighter the curl. If you create too strong a curl simply brush through. Use serum or shine spray to smooth and give ends a glossy glow.

ThreeFor gorgeous, natural-looking curls, twist sections in different directions. For catwalk and shoots, stylists often use different sized tongs to create a truly natural look.

FourFor a sexy, boudoir look, use big-barreled tongs pulling fingers through the finished style to break up the curls. Don’t brush your hair as this will create a frizzy mess. Make sure you only curl up to about an inch before the scalp to avoid a dodgy, ’80s “big hair” look.

FiveIf you want glamorous, more defined image, pin each curl up as you create it. Release them all together once you have curled all your hair. This stops the first curls from dropping before you finish.