There is something special about this beautiful hairstyle that makes it so otherworldly despite its apparent simplicity and carefree, slightly messy finish. Summertime and long, sunny days represent a great pretext for you to try different ‘dos. 

Get ready to look drop-dead gorgeous and give your Rapunzel locks an eye-popping twist. And the cascade, partial French braid is the perfect choice for feminine, sexy appearances. It looks flirtatiously effortless and chic and it works amazing on both straight and wavy hair.

The waterfall braid is a cute detail that adds a playful, yet elegant touch to your overall aspect, despite its simplistic, subtle look. You can achieve this style easily, following a few basic steps. In fact, this hairstyle is a version of the already famous French braid, but with a softer, rather imperfect vibe. 

The best thing is that you can make another variation starting with the cascade plait and create a healthy, bold side braid. You can learn how to style a waterfall braid and master this ‘do that adds freshness to day or evening.

How to Style a Waterfall Braid

You don’t need special tools and products in order to achieve this style. Still, pay attention to one trick that makes the difference when it comes to the waterfall braid! For easy instructions, view this waterfall braid video!

Start by creating a center parting and make sure you brush out all the knots in your hair so you can easily plait. You can begin braiding on which side you want. Let’s take for example the right side. Part your hair into three sections. Now, braid as you regularly do, but being extremely careful to drop the section of hair at the bottom (this is the trick!). Too difficult? Not at all.

Therefore, as you braid your hair three times, once you get at the bottom section, drop it and let it fall down so you obtain the amazing cascading effect. Next, pick another section and continue the process with the new strand. Don’t forget to always drop the right section! Once you finish plaiting, secure your braid using an elastic band or bobby pins.

Leave your hair fall naturally over the shoulder, creating a just-got-out-of-the-bed look or bouncy waves for laid-back cool or glamorous tresses. Or, if you want an uber-stylish variation of this ‘do, you can continue braiding the remaining hair. You can make a flipped over one shoulder simple braid or a head-turning fishtail plait. Wear this hairstyle for daytime or evening events.

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