Everyone feels great when sporting a stylish hairstyle as there is a certain “je ne sais quoi” hairstyles install over a person physically as well as spiritually, so no wonder women are constantly seeking for new and trendy ways to style their fabulous locks. Women with long tresses find it easiest to take advantage of the myriad of hairstyles out there due to the hair’s length, and one of the looks that stands out and can enhance your style and femininity best is the low braided updo hairstyle. Learning how to style a low braided updo is quite easy, with a little bit of practice one can become a master in styling this type of ‘do, so grab a few bobby pins and a hair elastic and go crazy.

Braided hairstyles have made a huge comeback due to their maintenance level as well as the sophisticated look they provide, so if you want to look hot without spending hours in front of the mirror, this type of updo can definitely come in handy. The great thing about the low braided updo style is that it can be created on all hair types, but definitely looks best on sleek straight or soft way hair as this hair texture helps emphasize the braided area and the romantic essence of the look. Women with not enough hair length can turn towards the help of temporary hair extensions to get this look as they come in a variety of hues to match your look perfectly while adding that necessary instant hair length your hair requires.

How to Style a Low Braided Updo

How to Style a Low Braided Updo How to Style a Low Braided Updo

To start, part you hair way on the side to create that long side swept fringe look that adds softness to the facial features. If you already have bangs, keep your hair parted as usual and work your way from there.

Start from one side of the head and part a thick hair strand into three to start braiding. As you go towards the back in a slightly descending pattern, grab parts of your hair and incorporate them into the braid. This technique is called French braiding and will require a little bit of practice before you’ll be able to style your hair flawlessly and without “breaking a sweat”.

Once you reached the other side of the head, don’t work your way back up, but braid your hair simply to create a braided side swept ponytail. Secure the end of the pony with a hair elastic and start pulling the braids apart gently to create a looser effect. Using a few bobby pins hide the loose part under the hair by tucking it in and you’re all done. This look is perfect for various occasions and will definitely make you stand out from the crowd without making you look eccentric. Practice your braiding skill and you’ll be able to create amazing braided hairstyles that will make you a hair style diva among your friends.

Low braided updo tutorial

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