The bob is definitely one hairstyle that manages to maintain a high rank among contemporary hairstyles due to the versatility as well as the classic romantic allure it brings. Hair versatility is definitely one of the must haves of the season as far as hair goes and if you’re ready to make a change and give your long locks a bit of a twist, turn your attention towards faux- bob hairstyles. This innovative look can help you experiment with different hair lengths without having to chop-off your gorgeous hair.

Long hairstyles have to offer the highest degree of versatility, so make the best out of your hair and experiment with different ‘dos. Learning how to style a faux-bob hairstyle is no philosophy, with a little bit of practice, the right tools and a bit of skill, you’ll be able to pull-off this look on your own without too much effort.

Faux Bob HairstyleHair by Karine JacksonFaux Fake Bob HairstyleHair by Tracey Hughes

Bob hairstyles ooze femininity and style, so no wonder more and more celebrities are chopping off their locks to achieve this level of hair glamor. However, if you’re not willing to say goodbye to your hair length for now, the faux- bob comes in handy and the effects created are super natural especially if you switch-up your hair texture to soft wavy. The gentle hair waves will help hide the stacked-up hair for a natural soft look.

Before you start, make sure to use hot hair rollers to gently curl the hair and get ready some bobby pins, a skinny ponytail holder, and a flexible hold hairspray. Once the hot hair rollers have cooled, you can remove them and gently shake the hair to make the curls come slightly undone. You can also pull your fingers through the hair to get that loose curl effect.

Pull the hair into a very loose ponytail and secure it with the ponytail holder. Then roll the hair up and under and use bobby pins to secure the hair in place. The effect should be natural, so don’t roll-up the hair too high or too tight. Add a touch of hairspray for texture and movement and you’re ready to shine with your new cool medium length hair.