There is nothing more delicate and elegant than a classic bun. This quick and easy hairstyle exudes a feminine and pretty vibe, yet keeping an effortless and relaxed touch. Whether you choose the groomed to perfection version or the slightly loose one, a ballerina bun will take a few minutes to achieve. The best thing about this updo hairstyle is that it works for all hair types and for different lengths. Besides, it is wearable for both casual and formal events, and it keeps the hair off your neck during hot summer days.

Following a few basic steps you can smooth your gorgeous tresses into a simplistic, yet utterly lovely ballerina bun. Try various styles, from super-slicked to rather messy and imperfect, and experiment with the positioning of the bun and parting. You can place the ballerina bun on the top of the head (ADAM, Antonio Berardi), at the nape of the neck (Margarett Howell, Peter Pilotto, Chloé, Nina Ricci), or in between (HERVÉ LÉGER BY MAX AZRIA, Jil Sander). As for the parting, there are no special rules in this sense.

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How to Style a Ballerina BunMargarett Howell How to Style a Ballerina BunPeter Pilotto

For the simple, soft, relaxed version, start by gathering your hair into a ponytail. Make the pony where you want the bun to be. Also, choose the parting. Tie the ponytail using an elastic band. Next, brush the hair for a smoother result. You can also backcomb it a little if you want to add some volume. Twist the pony around its base so you achieve that beautiful bun and secure it with bobby pins under the bun. Set your’ do with some hold hairspray.

If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, the messier version is your best option. It will take just a few minutes to style this messy bun and the result will be absolutely amazing and romantic. You just have to make a pony and wrap it into a bun, then secure it with bobby pins.

The too-tight-to-the-head ballerina bun as seen at Chloé or Jil Sander looks gorgeously elegant and ladylike, while the sleek effect in the front adds a certain androgynous feeling. In order to achieve this look, apply some finishing wax and create the parting. You can wear this type of bun higher or lower or midway, with or without parting. If you want to add some high drama, choose a deep side-parting. Make a ponytail and secure it with an elastic band. Apply some smoothing serum throughout the ponytail for a polished look. Next, twist hair into a bun, secure it using bobby pins and mist with hairspray.

For an edgier and more modern approach, the topknot-inspired ballet bun adds some freshness to day or evening looks. Pick the softer version in this case as it is more comfortable and easier to wear. Make a pony on the top of your head and twist it into a bun. Fix in place with bobby pins and leave a few flyaways to frame your face.

How to Style a Ballerina BunChloéHow to Style a Ballerina BunNina Ricci

How to Style a Ballerina BunADAMHow to Style a Ballerina BunAntonio Berardi

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