Before your dry your hair, it is essential to cleanse it from built up and other harmful factors. That’s why include in your regular hair care routine a deep conditioning treatment. A quick but efficient hot oil treatment will guarantee a successful hair styling. Leave the natural oil on for a couple of minutes than rinse it off with tepid water.

After finishing with this step, it is highly recommended to part the strands into four sections. The detangling and separating process will enhance a better blow drying. If your hair is extremely thick and coarse, you might have to make more sections of your strands. Secure them with hair clips to ease your job.

Curly hair needs a special care both when cleansed and styled. It is a must to use the appropriate styling tools and hair care products designed for this texture. Before you might have a drastic attitude towards relaxing your hair, it is worth thinking about and trying out at the same time some useful tricks to have loose curls. Pay special attention to your scalp and hair follicles, these might suffer in case of inappropriate moves.

There are two basic methods that can be used to relax the tightness of curly locks. Both require little effort and all in all a few minutes. These will help you with taming the frizz and with adding definition to your strands. The perfect and chemical-free relaxation is done with the help of a blow dryer and some hair styling tricks. Experiment with both of these techniques to have loose and voluminous waves. Blow DryingCurly hair can often get damaged when the blow drying process doesn’t follow some basic patterns. Those who were blessed with rich curls might struggle with frizz and dryness. However, the following steps will provide them with the vital information to avoid hair care disasters.

Curly Hair Curly Hair

Remember you are trying to relax those curls rather than straightening them. The blow drying technique is about adding volume to your loose waves. Opt for an appliance that has a comb attached if possible, this way you’ll kill two birds with one stone. Start the drying at the roots, proceed from one section to the other, first brush the tresses carefully, don’t stick to super-straightness, the point is to work on the texture.

Work gradually without damaging your hair, and finally fix the desired hairdo with a hairspray or any other lotion.

Hair Styling Tricks

There are several hairstyles that can enhance the relaxation of natural curls. Natural oils when applied after washing and conditioning can further detangle and clear curly hair. What works for the little ones works also for us. Choose a cute hairstyle as a twist or some classy braids. These will maintain the locks frizz-free and loosened. The larger, the better, since the small braids or tiny twists might still keep the tight and curly effect.

The only condition to apply these tricks is to let the hairstyles looser, since the hair is wet and it is more prone to damage. Besides concentrating on the relaxations, you must also pay special attention to the health of your tresses.

After the hair is completely dry, unbound the braids and twists and leave the strands free flowing. You’ll immediately notice that the texture of your hair has changed. It will loose some of its tightness but not of its volume.

If you have problems with your curly hair, these hair care tips will help you in offering your tresses a natural glow and the ideal treatment. A professional hair stylist will lead you through the vital phases of curly hair care.