With all the hair products designed to add volume to the hair you'd almost think that this shouldn't be a problem anymore. However using the right hair products is not enough to get the thick full hair you desire. Read on to find out a few quick tips that can help you get the healthy looking hair you desire in a matter of minutes.

Hair volume seems to be something that only the luckiest of us have naturally. The truth is that genetic is partially to blame for this common beauty problem but there also plenty of factors that can easily be influenced. So if you have been less fortunate and and your hair looks flat, lifeless and dull there's no need to worry.

There are plenty methods that you can try to get the hair volume you've always wanted. From long term strategies to simple quick solutions, these ideas are guaranteed to help you get closer to your goal.

Updating your hairstyle is a good way to add volume to the hair. Layered hairstyles are not only super trendy but with the right cutting technique they can add fullness to the hair.

For fine hair undercutting is a technique that will definitely bring out the best in your features so you can try it with complete confidence.

Don't be afraid to ask your hairdresser for advice as she will probably have a lot of suggestions for increasing hair volume and she will be able to recommend the best hairstyles to help you deal with this problem.

Consider coloring your hair or adding highlights. Hair dyes instantly thicken the hair texture with highlights offer the optical illusion of depth, providing an instant boost. Unlike volumizing gels and shampoos or mousses hair dyes penetrate the hair cuticle without leaving the impression of heaviness.

Hair extensions will have the same effect and are an optimal solution especially when you are in a hurry or you need an instant volume boost before an important formal occasion and everything else fails to deliver the results you expect.

A more affordable solution compared to hair extensions is curling your hair. Not only you will look look gorgeous and feminine but you will also have more volume instantly.

If you choose this method, however avoid using a curling iron as you will only do yourself a big disfavor on the long term. Instead, use hot rollers to avoid hair damage.

Also if you absolutely must use a flat iron try using it only at the ends of the hair and always use some kind of thermal protection before using the flat iron. Using an aerosol spray instead of a spritz is useful when trying to maintain hair volume despite using a flat iron.

Make sure to choose a good volumizing shampoo and avoid washing your hair too frequently. Be careful on how much conditioner you use because using too much conditioner might make the hair look even more flat and lifeless. A leave in conditioner is a good choice. Also, a cool final rinse is will enhance the hair's body, making it look thicker.

The blow drying technique is also very important for creating hair volume. Start blow drying from the bottom of the hair and then move towards the crown choosing small individual strands of hair.
Hair accessories can help create the impression of volume if used wisely. A comb style headband can be used to create instant volume, especially when paired with a volume enhancing hairspray.