We often hear the fact that the key to a gorgeous, healthy and shiny hair is hydration. However when it comes practicing what we've heard we might discover that we are quite unclear about what are the best ways to do it. Check out a few simple steps to keep your hair hydrated every day.

A dull, lifeless hair is invariably a hair that has lost moisture and has become brittle and dry. Hair dryness is a problem that can have multiple causes that can range from genetic predisposition, poor diet, seasonal changes to excessive chemical treatments and as well as certain medical conditions. While some of these factors might seem to be beyond of control, there are a lot of things we can do to maintain our tresses in top notch condition. Here are a few effective strategies to keep your tresses hydrated and strong:

Choose a sulfate free shampoo! The shampoo and conditioner you choose as well as the frequency with which you wash your hair can greatly impact the overall condition of your hair. To be able to maintain your hair moisturized you should avoid washing your hair every day. No matter how gentle the shampoo you use is, the simple act of washing will strip your natural oils from the hair making the hair even drier over the long run.

A sulfate free shampoo will help lock in moisture and will also help prevent frizz so this is one of the minimum investments you should consider if dry hair is a problem you have to face on a daily basis.

Also, deep conditioning is highly recommended at least twice a week for this type of hair. Whether you choose conventional conditioners or you opt for homemade hair treatments and hair masks is entirely up to you. Consistency is the key to getting the soft, shiny hair you want. In order to get the best results specialists recommend using the deep conditioning treatments right before shampooing your tresses. However using a deep conditioning mask does not mean that you can skip using your regular conditioner. Use shampoo conditioner just as you would normally do.

The heat from your blow dryer can also impact your tresses in a negative way especially if you use the highest temperature setting. If you cannot wait for your tresses to dry naturally make sure that you use the lowest temperature that can be set and preferably use a nozzle to avoid frizz. The blow dryer diffuser is also a good choice for those who have naturally curly hair and want to proper volume and bounce for their curls. It is not a bad idea to use a thermal protection spray when blow drying your hair to avoid unnecessary damage and hair dryness. Also, make sure that you never use a hair brush until your hair is about 75 percent dried to avoid breakage. Brush your hair twice a day with a wide comb to distribute the natural oils of the hair evenly throughout your tresses.

Although there are plenty of products that are designed to keep our hair hydrated and healthy we must not forget that hydration also comes from within. Aside from keeping your body hydrated, you might also want to make a few dietary changes that will enable you to revitalize your hair and keep it moisturized.

Vitamins from the B complex, vitamin A, E and C, calcium and silica are essential for a healthy hair. Silica can be found naturally in bell peppers, asparagus, or cucumbers. If you are thinking about taking vitamin supplements for dry hair is best to consult a doctor before purchasing a certain supplement.

While supplements might seem harmless, a overdose of vitamin A for example might hurt your liver. Also, vitamin B deficiencies are relatively rare so make sure that you choose a supplement your body really needs.

Cutting the hair regularly is essential in order to maintain the hair hydrated and healthy. Over time, split ends start to develop and to affect the overall structure of the hair. Trimming the ends every 6 weeks is essential in order to maintain your hair healthy and well hydrated. It's critical not to miss this step as it is one of the most crucial things you can do for your tresses. Also try your best to keep the use of heat based styling tools at a minimum to avoid additional hair damage.