Graying hair is a process which will affect all of us at one point in life because it’s a symbol of aging. The problem intervenes when the graying of the hair starts too early. Before trying to get rid of graying hair one must understand the whole process which leads to the graying hair.

The color of the hair is determined by the melanin pigments produced by melanocytes located in the hairs follicle. The melanin found in the hair reduces gradually with time due to the reduction of melanocytes, thus leading to the appearance of gray hairs. It remains unknown what leads to the reduction of the melanocytes reservoir and researchers are still trying to discover the causes.

It is believed that age and not getting enough nutrients to the hairs follicle causes graying hair. In order to prevent graying hair you need to start taking proper care of your hair by making sure it gents all the nutrients it needs. You can nourish the hair by eating healthy. If however you don’t think you are getting enough nutrients from your food you can always turn to the help of vitamin supplements.

The only way to get rid of gray hairs once you have them is by dying the hair. You can use either permanent hair dye, semi permanent hair dye or natural hair dye like henna and black henna. Permanent hair color covers entirely gray hairs but the problem is the gray hairs will show again after the hair begins to grow.

Semi-permanent hair dye will wash out after a couple of weeks, thus exposing your gray hairs again.

Natural hair dye will not damage your hair, cover your gray hairs naturally without the help of any chemicals but there are only 2 colors available: red from henna and black from indigo.

The gray hairs will reveal themselves again once the hair begins to grow.

You can also try some homemade solutions for dying gray hair like:

adding sage and rosemary to boiling water. Let the mixture cool and rinse your hair with the drained water. This will darken your gray hairs back

use chamomile flowers for medium brown hair. Boil some water and add the flowers in. drain the water out and rinse your hair. It will restore color to your gray hairs and make it appear more shiny

Taking good care of your body by making sure it receives all the necessary nutrients is very important if we wish to prevent losing hair, thinning hair and even graying hair.