Color has always been fun and rainbow color just has a certain allure which makes you want to smile and be happy. It might be due to the fun, vivid colors or it might be due to the fact that it brings back childhood memories. Whatever the reason, one thing is for certain, people love it and so do I.

Rainbow hairstyles are not for anyone – they’re for people who don’t mind getting plenty of attention, powerful people with a strong and well defined character, people who enjoy having fun, who love to live their life to the max, who are not afraid of changes and of being different.

Obtaining a rainbow hair color requires a little bit of hair coloring skills and knowledge. The hair, if not naturally blonde needs to be bleached before the hair color can be applied so the colors will appear bright and vivid.

After the hair has been bleached do not apply the hair color but leave the hair rest for at least a couple of weeks to avoid damaging it.

rainbow hair colorrainbow hairstyles

Buy several hair dye colors like: pink, red, orange, green, blue, violet, yellow, red. You can use more combinations of colors if you desire by getting different shades of blue or green. Mix the hair dyes individually in plastic bowls and use a different dying brush for applying each hair dye separately. This will prevent the colors from mixing.

Separate individual strands of hair about one inch each. Apply hair color on each strand by alternating colors. It’s best to place the bowls of colors in the order you want to know which color you have already applied and in what order. Wrap every individual hair strand that has been dyed in aluminum foil to prevent it from staining and mixing with the other hair strand colors.

Check the time and wait for the hair color to penetrate the hair shaft. There is a required time written on each hair dye, so read the instructions carefully. Rinse the hair color out with lukewarm water and shampoo your hair after the required setting time has passed. Apply plenty of conditioner to your tresses to make them softer and easier to detangle.

Apply thermal protection spray and blow dry your hair. Style it as you desire and you will look fabulous.

This hair color style looks great, fun and daring. Keep your tresses straight so the colors can show better. Your tresses are now stylish,unique and ready for you to enjoy them.