No wonder that our hair goes through real ordeals to stay healthy when there are so many external factors that can reduce its resistance. Some of these are extreme perming, hair coloring and also excessive use of heated appliances. The fried hair look is given by the natural moisture loss, strands suffer from having been exposed to these harsh agents.

Those who keep on with an unhealthy hair care routine might not have faith in the last remedies that might bring back the follicles from ultimate damaging. However, it seems that both the natural methods and the latest inventions in hair care offer us some solutions on how to fix fried hair. Follow these guidelines for spotless and naturally glowing hair.

Deep Conditioning

One of the basic steps of hair care is conditioning. Those who might have skipped it or just neglected its importance most probably are facing the worst consequences. Deep conditioning fried and damaged hair is one of the basic solutions to get rid of the coarse texture and tortured look. Indeed, both drugstore conditioners as well as organic ones will prove to be perfect to increase the resistance of follicles towards heat, chemicals and stressing.

Keratin should be a must have element in these products, this is the wonder mineral that provides the hair with the proper nutrients. Choose a conditioner for damaged and dry hair, apply it preferably on wet hair for best results.

Leave it on for at least 10 minutes, then rinse it off with warm water. Include this ritual at least two times per week in your weekly hair care schedule.

Air Dry Hair

No wonder that your follicles look fried when the excessive blow drying deprives the tresses of their natural moisture. In order to prevent the formation of this hair disaster it is advisable to leave the hair dry naturally, at least until the coarseness disappears and the strands recover.

Keep hot curling irons, straighteners and blow dryers away from your scalp and follicles. Instead, apply a leave-in-conditioner for proper protection.

Fatty Acid Conditioners

When you decide to make a long-term investment buy a conditioner that has fatty acids or cetyl alcohol. This element helps the follicles retain all the necessary moisture to stay shiny and healthy. First of all, cleanse your hair from all the harsh residues, then apply this treatment to the wet hair.

Now, you can use your blow dryer, make it moderately warm and dry your hair at least for 15 minutes. The warmth will seal the nutrients in the hair, then finally rinse it off with yet again tepid water and you’ll observe how smooth and shiny your hair is.

Regular Trimming

Getting rid of damaged hair is one of the key methods to banish the fried hair effect. Besides choosing the right products for your hair type it is also essential to include in your hair care routine a regular trimming session at the hair salon. Hair professionals highly advise you to visit your hair stylist for a quick touch-up every 6-8 weeks. However, if you belong to those people who struggle with frizz and have a less resistant hair, then increase the number of session to every 6 weeks.