When you are tired of your old haircut or find your natural hair color boring and dull, you decide to make a change and go for something fresh and new. You either chose a stylish new haircut, an exciting color, get a few highlights, and add curls or layers into your hair. However, sometimes your efforts can turn into serious mishaps. Today we will show you how to fix common hair disasters that can completely ruin your look. Check out our tips and wave goodbye to bad hair days!

When your hair looks disastrous you don’t feel good either. The way your hair looks affects your outer appearance as well as your self-esteem. However, when your hair wreaks havoc on your look, there is always a remedy for your problems. Some hair disasters can be solved easily and quickly, while others, such as a bad haircut need a little more patience and attention. You no longer have to hide your hair under a baseball cap, because the majority of these mishaps are fixable. Here are some common hair dilemmas and some great tips about how to repair them.

Hair Color Disasters

Choosing the proper color for your hair can be a real challenge. The sample shade on the box sometimes does not correspond with the result you achieve because your natural hair color is different. Ending up with the wrong color is a frequently met hair problem, mainly in the case of bleached hair. Don’t panic if you obtain a color that does not work for your skin tone or if you over-bleached your hair, because a professional can offer you great solutions.

There are various color-removing products based on bleaching ingredients that can offer a remedy for your frustrating hair problems. A professional hairstylist can also give you some great tips about which color would suit you best. Avoid experimenting with different hair colors and bleaches at home because you can end up with serious hair damages and an even worst look. In these cases you better leave let a pro help you with your hair mishaps.

Botched Perm

There are some cases when your hair is just too curly. However there is a quick fix that can offer instant relief to your tresses. When your tresses are messed up due to an incorrect processing, one of the best things you can do is to apply a thick deep conditioner. Comb your hair thoroughly, starting from the ends and proceeding towards the roots, leave it on for 5 minutes and then rinse it well with lukewarm water. In order to get a perfect finish and get rid of super curly locks, add a little hair mousse to your tresses, put your hair in large rollers and let it air dry completely.

Another good solution for smoothing out waves in your hair is paying a visit to your hairdresser to reverse the perm with professional methods. During this process, your hair is combed through with a permanent waving lotion, from the roots to the ends in order to straighten your hair. However the result won’t be a perfectly straight hair, it definitely helps a lot to control your tresses so that you will get much looser curls.

Too Evident Highlights

It probably happened to many of us that we wanted a chic sunkissesed look for our hair and finally ended up looking like a skunk’s tail instead. If you want to get rid of the artificial look of these hideous highlights, you can go for some really simple methods to fix this dilemma. First of all you can visit your hairdresser and have a color wash or toner applied on your tresses.

Opting for a toner that is close to your natural hair color will help your to successfully solve this problem. Another great choice is letting your stylist mix lowlights and highlights to create a more natural, sophisticated look.

Bad Haircut or Uneven Layers

Don’t panic if your haircut hasn’t turned out the way you wanted it to be. Hair grows back. If your hair stylist has accidentally cut off a few inches more than you asked for, you definitely cannot think positive. Don’t forget that a short haircut does not equal with a bad haircut. A sexy and extremely trendy pixie haircut can even flatter your features and highlight your femininity. Ask your hairdresser to redo your haircut until you get the shape and style you are satisfied with and enjoy the fun and the versatility of your new look.

If you ended up with uneven layers in your hair, you can still fix this problem quite easily. The first option is to let the shorter layers grow out or have a haircut that matches the longer layers with the shorter ones. Shorter haircuts such as sexy bobs and trendy pixies are highly in vogue this summer and are a great choice to fix your problems. If you don’t want to go for a short haircut opt for a fashionable cut that flatters your features and ask your hairdresser for styling advice.