Maintaining the same hairstyle for long periods of time can be excruciatingly boring and might make you remain in a style rut that is by no means flattering. On the other hand, like anyone who was disappointed by a new haircut can attest living with a style change that doesn’t excite you can be quite unsatisfying, making you feel quite uncomfortable.

That’s why opting for temporary changes can be one of the best ideas if you are not sure of the type of change you would most like to make since you will be able to make several different adjustment along the way to get closer to perfection as you experiment. There are several ideas and concepts that can be used to be able make the desired changes. Here are a few common examples:

Change hair texture

Combining two different hair textures is not only an easy way to vary your look but also to create a layering effect. Although traditional layers are able to give you depth and dimension on their own, changes in texture can intensify this effect even more. If you have straight natural hair adding a few soft waves or loose curls can help you get an extra volume boost with relatively little effort. If you have medium hair creating a fashionable faux bob hairstyle is relatively easy as all you will need is a few bobby pins and a little hairspray to be able to control the final results a little better. If you have naturally curly hair the overall results can be much more natural.

Fake an undercut hairstyle

If you want to fake an undercut hairstyle you will have to follow a similar path. First blow dry your hair and use a light hold spray to make things a little easier and to get a little bit of shine. Secondly create a deep side part and begin applying a generous hair gel on the area where you chose to create this effect. Next you will have to use a few bobby pins to get the desired effect.

Place the bobby pins a few inches behind the ear and start working the other part. For a maximum effect you should try to create an interesting texture by teasing, creating curls or simply creating a purposely messy hairstyle.

Add bangs

The development of clip-in hair extensions has opened up a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to hair styling and haircut. If you are looking for a hairstyle change adding extensions for extra length or as a way to add highlights is a great idea. On the other hand if you are looking for a way to create the impression of a new haircut a clip-in bangs is a great idea.

Aside from being a great conversation starter you will benefit from its face framing abilities that will highlight your facial features even more. Pay attention to the color of the extensions and no one will even suspect your little secret.

If you decide to go for this type of option don’t stop at simply clipping it in and leave it there. If you can afford to choose an extension made out of natural hair you can find countless styling alternatives you can use to add just a little more interest especially if opt for a full straight across bangs.