Cosmetics are must have elements of our daily routine, we purchase them either according to brands or to match our needs. Indeed the different terms might give several headaches to those who would like to find out more of the content of beauty products as for example shampoos. These might contain damaging or on the contrary healing factors.

The best way to protect our hair and scalp from any deterioration is to learn the basics of decoding shampoo labels. Here are the most essential ingredients found in shampoos and also regular hair care products.

Sodium lauryl sulfate, ammonium laureth sulfate are some of the most widely used ingredients in shampoos. Due to their harsh effect, these are the solutions that do the cleaning. However this is probably the only advantage of sodium or ammonium laureth sulfate. In large amounts these can cause serious damages, inflammation and irritation. These ingredients are both harmful for life and environment.

decode shampoo label

Sodium Citrate is a beneficial agent in shampoos, it can keep the pH level perfectly balanced. This is the perfect ingredient that enhances the profound elimination of dirt and other build-ups from the hair.

Moreover it can also help the cuticles stay flat this way improving the health and glow of the strands. Using products specially designed for our hair type is a must. There’s no other way to prevent the hair care catastrophes.

Dimethicone/cyclomethicone can add strength and smoothness to your hair. Providing the proper care for the cuticles these will keep the hair from becoming static and lifeless. These special silicone oils also enhance the combing process, being extremely useful for those who have damaged, thick and coarse hair.

These are some of the beneficial ingredients from a high quality shampoo. Look at the labels to purchase the right hair care products. Being aware of the several dangers will make us more beauty conscious, since the tiny ingredients piled up in a lotion or shampoo in this case will have a radical effect on the tresses.

Methylchloroisothiazolinone also known as MIT can have endless harmful effect on our body. Ranging from the several brain damages to liver disorders and even cancer. Especially pregnant women should be aware of this threat, however the hair care industry seems to use it with confidence.

All the great producers have it on their list as the most commonly used ingredient in shampoos. Make sure that you choose organic products that leave out this element from their lotions. Instead try the homemade recipes for hair conditioning and treating your strands, especially if you have an ultra-sensitive skin.

Panthenol is used in the production of shampoos. As a variant of the vitamin B,it can help the strands in retaining all the necessary moisture. Having a double-effect, panthenol works just as efficiently in the inside as from outside.

Thoroughly penetrating into the cuticles, it will visibly moisturize and add volume to the hair. Furthermore it will also offer a shiny and protective coat for the hair.