How to cut or trim your own hair at homeIf you want to get rid of split ends at home or to give yourself a quick trim here are 3 ways to cut your own hair! All you need is a pair of sharp scissors and lots of patience.

1. You can cut long hair gradually by leaning over and combing all of your wet hair straight forward. Smooth sections of your hair through your fingers and cut all hair in one straight line across.Be sure to work in small sections and continue from one side to the other. Double check to see that the cut feels pretty even and then stand upright. If you find any longer pieces, carefully snip off the excess.

How to cut trim your own hair tips

2. After washing your hair, comb out all tangles. Then lean over and comb all your hair into a ponytail in front of your head – not the top because top layers would be too short – and secure it tight. Twist the ponytail to the right and cut off the length desired.Let hair go and brush your pony. After, twist it to the left and repeat the process. You’ll want to be careful not to end up with hair too short on the front and top of the head, so try to cut a little at a time.

3. After a while short hairstyles if not trimmed on a regular basis, often get disheveled at the nape of the neck. It’s pretty hard giving yourself a trim when your hair is short, so try to get one of your friend’s help. But if you still want to get it by yourself you’ll have to get 2 mirrors.

Comb damp hair behind ears and secure it back right at the nape. Slowly begin cutting hair from the middle to the sides a little at a time. Recheck and if needed and adjust length.