Curly hair has always been very attractive and sensual. Curls give a certain glamor to the look so women have been curling their hair for a long time. Curling the hair with hot rollers is a pretty easy way to get luscious curly tresses so your hair can get an upgrade once in a while.

Hot rollers come in a variety of sized so you can get different types of curls. Large rollers will give loose curls and smaller rollers will create tighter curls. They are usually heated up with steam and are a great option especially for women who have a hard time keeping their hair curly.

To start wash your hair as usual and condition it. Blow dry the hair completely, apply mousse and section the hair in 3 sections. One section will be from the front to the back of the crown, the second will be on the sides of the head, above the ears and the third part will be the section below the ears.

Make sure the rollers are heated and start rolling the hair from the first section working your way from the from down towards the nape of the neck. Separate each section which you will need to roll with a rat tail comb, lift it up, take the roller by the sides and wrap the ends tightly around the hot roller while rolling it down towards the scalp.

Secure the role in place and move towards the next section. After you are done rolling the first part move on and to the same on the sides of the head. After you are done rolling all the hair dust a little bit of hairspray over your hair and wait until the hot rollers completely cool down before you start removing them.

Start removing the rollers by unrolling them in the same direction as when you rolled them down or if you wish to get spiral curls remove the rollers by pulling the rollers down from the sides, in an vertical direction. Separate the curls with your fingers and you are all set to show off your beautiful curled tresses.