Classic hair buns have been very popular for a long time. However, with the passing of time, it underwent several changes and a looser, more fashionable look was added to it. Messy buns are at all rage this year and these hot hairstyles are a great choice for enhancing your natural beauty and highlighting your facial features. The following messy bun is a sexy updo that everybody can manage. It is great for a number of reasons: it is quick and easy, it is really versatile and can be created on all hair types. You can quickly put together a messy bun every morning and create yourself a messy-chic look. The bun can be arranged low, in a classic chignon style, or can be worn high on the head, in a ballerina style, as you like. It’s spring already, so you can show off your neck and your shoulders with a sexy hairstyle. Let’s see a few easy steps for making a trendy messy bun!

Comb your hair well to get rid of any tangles.

Frizzy hair is difficult to handle and even more difficult to style. Therefore, start by applying an anti-frizz product to your hair.

Brush your hair once again, and pull your hair backwards, gathering it into a loose ponytail. If you want to create a lower messy bun, you can start the ponytail at the nape of your neck. But if you want your bun higher, make a high ponytail.

Tie your ponytail with an elastic band and smoothen out the bumps with a brush and gently pull up the pony to create fullness on the top of your head. You can add some hairspray in order to make your hair easier to work with.

Wrap your hair around the base of your ponytail until it starts to coil around on itself and forms a loose bun on top of your head. You can either fix your messy bun with bobby pins or with a second elastic band. Here you have the instructions for both methods:

Pin the edges of the bun. The pin should go in the roll and the hair underneath. Slide the pins into the roll and catch the hair with the longer tip. Rotate the pin and insert it to fix the bun. Drag the tips of the pin to touch your scalp. Be careful not to hurt your scalp! Tip: you can divide your hair into two or three sections, twist and pin each section, one after another.

Another great option is to use a second elastic band to secure the hair that was twisted and wrapped around the base of the ponytail. Tuck some bobby pins into the sides of the bun to bring it closer to your head and to secure it.

As a final step, pull out loose, thin strands of hair around your neck, using your fingers. This way your bun will look as if you have worn it all day. Some of the ends of your hair will stick out, giving you a chic and fun look. Finish off with a little bit of hairspray in order to maintain the shape of your messy bun all day long. Your amazing messy bun is done, so get ready to show off your sexy, stylish look at the evening party!