How to choose hair color? we give you some hair dying tips to get the best hair color for you skin color, hair texture and hair care tips also!

Wondering how to choose the best hair color for your skin tone? Worry no more, as we've done some research and put together a selection of some of the chicest hair color tones to flatter various skin tones. So, take a peek at the following shades and see which ones would suit your style and complexion best. Plus check out these hair color tips to ensure your new hair shade looks flawless!

For skin with pink undertones
Warm tones bring out the pink undertones so if you've got redness, blemishes to your skin, go for cool tones like champagne, sandy or ash blonde, or cool browns.

For skin with yellow undertones
If your skin is olive-toned or ashy, use warm gold or reds.

How about Red?
Red is the hardest color to maintain. The shade will change almost from shampoo to shampoo so be prepared for the fade.

For natural colors
To make the hair color look natural, choose coppery-reds versus blue-reds. Think Irish setter versus red wine.
Test it before coloring. An easy way to see, rather than guess, what color your hair will come out is to take a strand test! Take a piece of your hair from the nape of your neck and let the hair color on it for 20 minutes.

Your new look
You've got the wrong hair color if your have to wear more makeup than you did before. When the hair dye works correctly, your skin tone comes alive and it glows. The perfect hair color should make your face glow.

When you're going to the stylist
Bring pictures! "Honey" or "Chocolate" can mean very different things to different hair colorists.

Special treats
Be honest with your hair colorist (and yourself) about how much time you're willing to spend having your roots touched up. Doing deep conditioning treatments and more.

There are high-maintenance options and low-maintenance ones. The further away from your natural color you go the more your hair requires.

Don't blow-dry single process highlights every single day, take a rest on weekends and deep condition once a week.

Want it back?
If your hair's the same color you've had when you were young, think twice about dying it. Colorists spend most of their time taking clients back to the hair color they've had when they were young.

Your hair is damaged and dull. Dark hair color reflects light best, hides breakage and minimizes the flaws of abused tresses.