Buying a blow dryer might seem a piece of cake at first. However soon it will turn out that there are so many issues that can determine whether we chose the right hair styling tool.

Hair type, the nature of hair styling as well as hair texture have an essential role. In order to provide our strands with the ideal treatment it is recommended to follow this brief list of principles that will help us in making the best decision.

Blow drying is a vital step of hair styling. As one of the basic external factors that can either improve or on the contrary damage the health of our tresses, stylists advise us to pay extra-attention when purchasing a blow dryer. This is the only way to protect our follicles from deterioration.

Let’s see the qualities we should hunt to have a dazzling hairstyle.

Heat Control and Speed

Blow dryers with different speed levels and heat control are the best buys on the market. Your strands will sing praises for protecting them from the extreme heat and other damages.

It is recommended to start the drying process on a higher speed level only to extract the excess moisture from the hair.

However as we go on, it is also advisable to reduce both speed and heat and continue the shaping ritual in a moderate pace.

Those who have a super-sensitive and already damaged hair, might also enjoy the benefits of this quality.

They should skip the quick and warm blow drying in order to avoid worsening the condition of the hair. The low speed level will be just as perfect to dry the strands.


The qualities below are defined mainly by the wattage. Those who would like to have a blow dryer with an almost industrial power should opt for appliances with a higher wattage. This is indeed more time saving since you won’t have to wait an eternity until your hair is completely dry.

The recommended average wattage is 1750. However depending on hair texture, it can vary. Those who have thick tresses should choose one that has at least 1900 watts or above.


Blow dryers can also be used to straighten hair. In this case the appliance should have more complex features to protect the hair on one hand and on the other to straighten the strands perfectly.

Nozzles are the essential detail used in the sleeking process. This will direct the heat to the tresses this way enhancing the fast and flawless straightening. Moreover with the help of this attachment you’ll be able to avoid the frizz.

Those dryers that have a ceramic heaters will further boost the super-sleek effect of the strands. These hair styling tools will also furnish the hair with the proper shield to resist any deterioration caused by excessive heat.

Curly Hair

Curls can be extremely prone to breakage when not treated properly. Diffusers are must have attachments when it comes of blow dryers used to style curly hair. Keeping the heat at a moderate distance is the trick to maintain the shine and moisturized look of the strands. Frizzy hair can cause lots of headaches to the proud owners of tiny corkscrews. However a high quality blow dryer can eliminate their concern.