Our lifestyle reflects in how our skin looks, how our hair looks, and this should be a starting point where we can draw certain conclusions. Sometimes skin problems can be genetically transmitted but when it comes to the health of our tresses only we are responsible.

Hair is a very important part of our body, it makes us look different and it helps us look glamorous, simple, sophisticated, extravagant, depending on what we choose. The health of the hair depends on several things, things which, if not properly done can leave a negative print over our tresses.

Here are some tips to help you maintain the health of your hair and deal with damaged tresses:

a healthy and diverse diet can maintain the hairs health, preventing it from getting damaged easily. The nutrients and vitamins received by eating healthy foods can help speed up hair growth and maintain the hair shiny and soft

scalp massages are very beneficial for the hair because they help improve blood circulation, thus maximizing the oxygen level which reaches the scalp

heat protection products should be used when using heated styling tools like curling irons, flat irons and the blow dryer. There utensils can have a damaging effect in time over the hair, causing it heat damage. Heated styling tools can make the hair brittle and dull

an improper hair care routine can also damage the hair. It is best to find out the type of hair you have and use cosmetic products which are specifically manufactured for your hair type. This way your hair will be protected from damage

natural ingredients are great and highly effective over the hair. They can restore the hairs health and prevent it from damage. There are a variety of recipes developed to suite different hair problems and different hair types. Choose one that suites your hair best

wash your hair regularly and gently to avoid damaging it. Do not use tot water on your hair because it will strip all the necessary oils from your tresses, causing the hair to lose it’s protection

protect the hair from the damages external factors like UV rays, cold, wind. Wear a hat or a scarf over your tresses to maintain their health

avoid brushing your hair harshly and excessively. You will only cause your hairs to break and damage it. Use a boar bristle brush instead to gently brush your hair because they are softer and make the hair appear shinier

trim your hair every 4 to 6 weeks to get rid of any split ends

Care for your hair and you will look ravishing. Your hair expresses your lifestyle so make sure they look as healthy as possible.