The hairdryer is a very important styling tool when it comes to hairstyling because it helps create the desired finish. It might sound like an easy task to blow dry your gorgeous tresses but you might actually be surprised. Blow drying like a pro requires a little bit of knowledge on how to hold the blow drier, what accessories to use and when to use them.

Not using the blow dryer properly can cause hair damage due to the heat given off by the hot air flow and can create a hair disaster which will take you plenty of time to fix. The hairstyle created using the blow dryer receives a lovely amount of volume, depending on how the hair dryer is used. The finishing look depends greatly on hoe the hair has been blow dried so here are some tips to help you create the gorgeous look you are yearning for just like a professional:

create hair volume by flipping your head upside down when you blow dry. Move your hands through the hair to gently lift the roots. The teasing motion will help your hair receive even more volume. Do not dry the hair completely but only partially, around 80%. This will allow you to style the hair as you wish easily, so flip your head back up and start styling it using as you wish

if you wish to obtain a perfectly straight hairstyle but still maintain your hair volume turn to the hair dryer’s accessories.

Use the slim line nozzle to blow out your hair straight as it helps concentrate the air flow in a simple straight line. This will help you straighten your hair using also a round bristle brush. Use the diffuser if you want to create gorgeous curls because it will help distribute the heat evenly thus creating lovely uniform curls

blowdry hair volume blow dry pro

do not overlook the importance of cold settings. If you paid any attention to when your hairstylist as he was blow drying your tresses, you could have observed that he used the cold setting at the end of the blow drying session. This is due to the fact that cold air helps close down the hairs cuticles, making it set in place better, so before you finish blow drying with hot air, make sure you hit the cold setting

keeping the blow dryer to close to your hair might cause damage to your hair because of the heat given off by the hairdryer. Make sure you maintain a healthy distance between your hair and the blow dryer especially if you are using the heated airflow. Use a thermal protection spray to protect your tresses as you blow dry

blow dry your hair by parting it into sections and start from the bottom sections of the hair found closest to the scalp and work your way outwards. This will help your hair achieve a salon hairstyle

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To style the hair in the desired shape make sure you look what type of utensils your hairdresser uses to style your hair and the way he uses them. This way you will be able to try the exact technique in the comfort of your own home. Glamorous hairstyles can be achieved only through blow drying but it seems that learning how to blow dry properly is a must.