Before you actually start the drying process, make sure that you used the proper shampoo and conditioner for your particular hair type. These shouldn’t contain harsh chemicals or ingredients that can deteriorate your hair.

Use your fingers as a comb after you rinse off the conditioner, a brush would only cause breakage. Avoid rubbing the towel with your hair, it will only damage your curls, instead slightly push it to your scalp to get rid of as much water as you can.

Before blow drying apply a mousse, a cream or a spray to protect your hair from heat. Products specially designed for heat protection contain ingredients that give shine to your hair. However, take care of not massaging it into your scalp.

Divide your hair into sections, it will be easier to style it. Curly hair is very fragile, take care of each section in row.

The diffuser is your best friend in drying your hair, place it at the end of the blow dryer. The role of a diffuser is to reduce the harmful effect of heat on your hair, moreover it can add volume to your curls. First of all start with the section that is near the nape of the neck, from roots to tips in order to lift them up. However, don’t keep the diffuser closer than 4-5 inches, the air has to blow upwards your fingers.

When you finished with this section go on with the ones on the back of your head, then the sides. The front section must be the last one to blow dry. Small circular motions made with the blow-dryer can give more volume to your hair. Use the blow-dryer on low or medium heat, curly hair is prone to damaging when overheated.

Finally run your fingers through your hair in order to shake out the locks. When styling, use a wide-teeth comb, brushes must be avoided.